6 Wedding Images Guaranteed To Make You Smile

19 May 2015

Some are simply beautiful, others outright fun... but all are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

When Bride Editor, Amanda Griffiths, came across the image of a dinosaur chasing the bridal party when editing a feature for the 2015 issue of Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire Bride, it made her laugh out loud.

Image gallery

Image gallery

The act prompted a string of features that saw wedding photographers submit their favourite images – some are simply beautiful, others a bit quirky and fun... then there’s those that capture the emotion of the day.

Feeling inspired, Amanda has put together a few of her favourites submitted to this year's magazine, all of which are guaranteed to make you smile.

my-favourite-photo-callistoPhotograph by Callisto-photography.co.uk

Smile No. 1: “Magical – we love this photo," say Gillian and Chris Dawe of Callisto Photography. "Katherine and Brett were sharing a few special moments together while their guests were seated for their wedding breakfast. As the sun streamed through the windows, Chris captured this beautiful moment.” 

my-favourite-photo-jim-poynerPhotograph by Jim Poyner, jimpoyner.co.uk

Smile No. 2: “Another image that just makes me smile!" says Amanda Griffith, Editor of Yorkshire Bride magazine. "It was taken at Chris and Becky’s wedding in York (which will feature in the 2015 issue of Yorkshire Bride) you can’t help but feel this perfectly showcases the couple’s personalities."

 my-favourite-photo-arj-photographyPhotograph by ARJ Photography, arj-photo.co.uk

Smile No. 3: “I love this photo, probably because I’ve read the full wedding story, which will appear in the 2015 issue of Yorkshire Bride," says Amanda Griffiths. "It was an open air wedding at Byland Abbey – the bride and her maids were escorted around the Abbey to make their entrance by ushers who were trying to conceal them from the waiting guests and the groom at the same time. The bride talks about the giggling, which probably gave the game away... as I look at this picture I can almost hear the laughter.” 

my-favourite-photo-eyeshinePhotograph by Eyeshine Photography, eyeshinephotography.co.uk

Smile No. 4: “This photograph of a parade of strutting geese leading the groom and best man to the church always puts a smile on our faces," say Daniel Jones and Laura Johnson of Eyeshine Photography. "It’s one of those great ‘decisive moment’ images where all the elements come together; perfect timing, composition and just a little bit of luck, too.”

 my-favourite-photo-lina-and-tomPhotograph by Lina and Tom Photography, linaandtom.com

Smile No. 5: “Looking at the emotional man in the photo you would assume it was the father of the bride, right?" says Lina Orsino, of Lina and Tom Photography. "Actually it is the father of the groom’s reaction to the bride coming down the stairs. The bride had lost her father a few years earlier and had become increasingly close to her father-in-law to be - his reaction was incredible, he burst into tears... as did I and everyone else. Amazing moments like this is what my job is all about.”

my-favourite-photo-sarah-elvinPhotograph by Sarah Elvin Photography 

Smile No. 6: “This particular shot was inspired by an image the bride had seen on Pinterest," says Sarah of Sarah Elvin Photography. "The wedding party were fantastic fun and when I asked them to pretend to look scared and run away from an imaginary dinosaur they gave me an Oscar-worthy performance. We managed the shot in just one take, with the dinosaur photoshopped in later.” 


Share your favourite wedding photo with Amanda at amanda.griffiths@archant.co.uk or @BrideEditor

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