50 imaginative wedding table name ideas

07 Mar 2018

Stuck on what to name your wedding tables? Here are a few ideas that can tie into your wedding theme, for a table plan never to be forgotten

Your wedding reception set-up is the chance to get creative. From the favours to the table décor, there are so many aspects to consider when tying your wedding theme together. If you need a little inspiration when it comes to your table names, take a look at these ideas to make them truly memorable.

For the sentimental couple:

  • Your holiday or honeymoon destinations
  • Special towns/cities/countries to you as a couple
  • Landmarks you have seen together
  • Street names which are special to both of you
  • Significant dates (first date, proposal, etc)
  • Your pets’ names
  • Favourite brands
  • Makes of car you’ve both owned
  • Favourite pubs
  • Foreign expressions of love


The wedding of Ann-Marie Brooks and Alex Nowell (Image: Special Day Wedding Photography)


The wedding of Hannah Vick and Nigel Maeer (Image: Alex Toze Weddings)


The wedding of Stacey and David Hinder (Image: Claude Mattsson)


The wedding of Rebecca Storey and Thomas Butler (Image: Bill Sykes Weddings)

For the sporting fans:

  • Favourite sports
  • Sporting events
  • Sporting venues
  • Favourite sportstars
  • Premier League teams
  • Other sporting teams


The wedding of Alix Howard and Joshua Middleton (Image: SKE's Photography)

For the literature lovers:

  • Favourite books/novels
  • Favourite authors
  • Favourite poets/poems
  • Shakespeare plays
  • Love quotes
  • Characters in books



The wedding of Megan Falconer-Taylor and Julian Wolpe (Images: Nicky Hill Photography)

For the TV, movie and theatre buffs:

  • Favourite movies/TV shows
  • Movie franchises (Bond films, Harry Potter films)
  • Favourite actors/actresses
  • Iconic cinematic couples
  • Favourite characters (Game of Thrones characters, Disney stars)
  • Favourite plays/musicals
  • Superheroes and heroines


The wedding of Roz and Dave, (Image: David Craik Photography)

For the history, mythology and political boffins:

  • Kings and queens
  • Historical dates/eras
  • Historical events
  • Mythical creatures
  • Mythical gods/godesses
  • Political parties
  • Political figures


Via Pinterest

For the musical maestros:

  • Favourite artists/bands
  • Favourite songs/lyrics
  • Musical instruments
  • Music festivals


The wedding of Lucie and Dan Cockerton (Image: Wistful Two Photography)

For the food and drink fanatics:

  • Favourite foods
  • Types of food (types of cheese, sweet brands)
  • Favourite drinks
  • Favourite chefs
  • Top desserts
  • Best restaurants
  • Types of favourite spirit/cocktail


Image: Rock My Wedding (the wedding of Camilla and John)

For the art critics:

  • Favourite art museums
  • Favourite artists
  • Favourite paintings

Now to assemble your table plan… here are 10 eye-catching wedding table plan ideas.

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