5 wedding day superstitions

12 Nov 2020

Ahead of Friday 13th, we take a look at some popular wedding superstitions that have become steeped in tradition

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Image gallery

You shouldn’t see each other before the wedding 
Perhaps the biggest wedding superstition of them all. This dates back to the days of arranged marriages – the fear was if the couple met before the marriage they would pull out of the arrangement.  
Although many couples still adhere to this tradition it is more to build the excitement up than anything else. On the other hand, many couples choose to ditch this traditional completely – especially with the Covid-19 restrictions we’ve seen this year which have also seen couples walking down the aisle together. The rise of ‘first look’ photography has also been steadily increasing smashing this age-old superstition. 


It is unlucky to marry on a Saturday 
Weekday weddings have been on the rise for a variety of reasons including costs. But with their popularity soaring next year because of all the weddings postponed by Covid-19, it’s interesting to discover that Saturday has been considered as an unlucky day to marry. According to the rhyme: 

“Monday for health 
Tuesday for wealth 
Wednesday the best of all 
Thursday brings crosses 
And Friday losses 
But Saturday – no luck at all” 

When it comes to the time of day it is said you should say your vows as the clock’s minute hand is ‘ascending towards heaven’. 


It is unlucky for a bride to try on her ring before the marriage 
It is also said to be unlucky to remove the wedding ring before seven years of marriage has passed... 

It is unlucky for the bride-to-be to see her complete bridal look before the wedding 
To be honest, unless you are doing your hair and make-up yourself, I’m not sure how many brides would see the 100% finished bridal look.  
Brides wear a white dress because the colour has connotations of purity and wealth, but actually it was Queen Victoria who first wore a white dress – before then brides tended to wear their ‘best’ or most expensive outfit. Bridesmaids were also once dressed similar to the bride to ward off evil spirits or those who would do the bride harm before the wedding.


After your wedding don’t let your friend try on your veil... 
...otherwise she’ll run off with your husband! The wearing of a veil was believed to hide the bride’s beauty and ward off evil spirits. It is also suggested that in the times of arranged marriage the bride’s face remained covered until after the groom had committed to her. 


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