5 Reasons you Shouldn’t be Afraid of Wedding Day Rain

16 Jun 2015

The positives of rain on your wedding day – they exist and we’ve found them!

Photography by Ivelina Velkova 

Image gallery

Image gallery

This week’s Photo of the Week, by Ivelina Velkova, has prompted thoughts of atmospheric skies, umbrellas as photo-props and reflection pictures in puddles – there is definitely a silver lining to that stormy cloud over a wedding day.

According to Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is actually good luck, but there’s no doubt that it can put a dampener on your excitement when you wake up to rain.

Talking to the photographer behind these images, however, may change your perspective:The bride and groom were the most relaxed couple and all they wanted was to have fun on their wedding day!says Ivelina Velkova.This was one of those days where it rained and stopped every few minutes, making us all stress. Following the ceremony in the rain and family shots I really wanted to get some amazing shots for the bride and groom, despite the weather. So, with the wedding being on a busy city street, and a late Saturday afternoon, we began walking to our 'scouted' spot for photos - a beautiful green covered courtyard (where there would be noon and we would get the classic wedding shots). We were surprised to see the rain continued and with it came the sunset. These was two elements I hadn't planned for - rain and sun. So on the courtyard I got the couple to just be together, have fun and we stopped a a few times for shots, often in the rain - definitely one of the most amazing wedding photography moments for me.


In support of letting go of the worries and enjoying your big day (particularly those that are out of your control), here is a list of 5 reasons you shouldn’t be afraid of rain on your wedding day

1. Water makes for beautiful photography
As this Bride’s Photo of the Week proves, rain can be the making of your wedding day photography: reflections in puddles, props and beautiful light. There’s a lot to love, when it’s comes to photography perks.

2. The props
Hand in hand with photography, the option to utilise cute props is a decidedly good perk of rain on your wedding day. Be prepared and if there’s a risk of rain, buy matching umbrellas and a pair of cute wellingtons.


3. It’s raining? Don’t sweat it!
The eyes and lights are on you, you’ve had a drink and you’re wearing swathes of material… it’s heat inducing work, getting married. With rain keeping the temperatures low, there’s no need to sweat it on your wedding day.


4. Dramatic skies… and rainbows!
It’s a romantic day, and there’s nothing more romantic that a storm – even drizzle can leave you with a dramatic sky. There's a reason some of the best kissing scenes in film history take place in the rain – it’s romantic, from the light to the sound of rain on your marquee roof.


5. A good omen
In Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck. In some cultures, rain on your wedding day is actually considered a sign of good luck! Not only is it supposed to signify fertility, but it also represents a long-lasting marriage and the washing away of tough times (you know, like that awful relationship you had before you met your hubby).

For more rainy wedding day inspiration, visit the Bride Magazine Pinterest Board

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