5 popular sustainable wedding trends in 2022 according to Pinterest

23 Feb 2022

Eco-friendly weddings are the future

Image: Focus Photography Mauritius via Unsplash

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Image gallery

A recent study by money.co.uk has revealed the most popular sustainable wedding trends on Pinterest. With more couples looking for sustainable alternatives to their wedding, here are five choices you can make for an environmentally friendly wedding.  


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Dress and suit 

‘Wedding dress rental’ and’ rental suits for wedding’ increased in Google searches by 75% and 52%, respectively. Wearing a recycled or vintage wedding dress means that the fabric is not just used once. If your vintage dress style is quite dramatic, you could tailor your wedding around the design. An Art Deco style dress would perfectly suit a roaring 1920’s wedding theme.  

A hired suit is also a great option for your groom or groomsmen if they are unlikely to wear the outfit again. Hired suits also have a worn in, relaxed look about them that would tie in nicely with an informal wedding.  



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Wedding ring 

A sustainable wedding ring choice would be to opt for lab-grown diamonds on a recyclable metal band. This is the most pinned wedding trend with 57,112 saves on Pinterest.  

Rings made of lab-grown diamonds are much better for the environment with no mining required during its production. The diamonds look exactly like their real counterpart, but are much better for the environment. In the past 12 months, Google searches for ‘lab-grown diamond ring’ have increased by 86%.  

Wedding bands can also be made from recycling metals. If your jewellery box is full of rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces you no longer wear, consider having them melted down and made into your new wedding band. For added meaning to your wedding ring, see if you can melt down a family heirloom in your possession.  


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Google searches for ‘biodegradable confetti for weddings’ have increased by 123% in the past 12 months. Making your own wedding confetti is easy and cost-effective – all you need is a hole punch and a small collection of leaves. This type of confetti won’t harm the environment and provides great photo opportunities as you exit your ceremony as newlyweds. You can even look into hole punches that make different shapes, like hearts and stars.  

You could also use birdseed, lavender, and flower buds and petals for your wedding confetti, which are also popular options on Pinterest.  


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Wedding favours 

Couples are gifting glass jars of popcorn kernels and small potted plants for their wedding favours. The former has 7,357 saves on Pinterest. Glass is 100% recyclable, making it a great sustainable wedding gift no matter what you decide to include in the jar. Instead of popcorn kernels, you could have little glass jars filled with jelly beans or sour sweets.  

Sunflower seeds and miniature shot glass plants are also popular sustainable wedding favours. Succulents are the best plants to gift your wedding guests as they are hardy and easy to maintain.  


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Wedding décor  

Dried flowers were the most popular sustainable wedding decoration found during the study, pinned 5,124 times. A 50% increase in Google searches for ‘dried flower bouquets for wedding’ has also been reported. Dried flowers can make for excellent wedding venue decorations, as they conserve water and energy, and are biodegradable. Use big fluffy bunches as centrepieces to add interest to your reception tables.  

The longevity of dried flowers also means you have a memento to take home and cherish long after your wedding day. You could gift dried flowers to your wedding guests or have a dried flower wedding bouquet that will not only look good on the day, but keep for a long time afterwards.  

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