5 on trend engagement ring styles inspired by Megan Fox

14 Jan 2022

Glean some inspiration for your fashion-forward engagement ring

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Image gallery

After Megan Fox’s recent engagement to Machine Gun Kelly, there has been a rise in green engagement rings with a 526% Google search increase according to Design Bundle.

If you’re inspired by this latest trend but are not sure which type of cut is for you, here are five popular styles to consider for your engagement ring.  


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With its distinct elongated shape, an emerald cut engagement ring includes a long rectangle-shaped gemstone with bevelled edges. This is a show-stopping ring perfect for those who wear their heart on their sleeve as this style is said to symbolise an open heart.  

According to Vera Clinic, an emerald ring design is currently the most searched for engagement ring shape with 49,500 monthly searches.  

For that extra bit of sparkle, pair this design with gemstones of a similar colour or a row of diamonds on either side of the band.  


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Pear cut rings have a distinct tear-drop appearance and can symbolise empowerment and tears of joy, making it ideal for your future wedding day. This design has also experienced a rise in popularity recently with 40,500 monthly searches. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cardi B and Bella Thorne also have pear-shaped diamond engagement rings. 

If you’re inspired by Megan Fox’s pear-shaped gemstones on her engagement ring, consider a combination of you and your partner’s birthstones for a truly personal ring style. One birthstone could be the main jewel and the other could be incorporated into the band.

Otherwise, make sure to keep the band design simple and let the diamond or gemstone take centre stage.  


Image: Pavé set (emeralds) coloured cushion cut engagement ring in 18K yellow gold, £8,360, Vashi


For brides-to-be that are after a more vintage but modern style of engagement ring, consider a cushion cut design. Much like the shape of a pillow, this design includes a square gemstone or diamond with rounded edges and has a total of 22,200 searches a month. This cut also has the royal seal of approval as it is the same design as Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.  

Keep it simple with one main gemstone or go all out with a double halo design for an engagement ring that will truly sparkle.  


Image: Getty Images


Symbolising romance and commitment, oval cut engagement rings are also a popular choice among future brides. Over the past five years, there has been a 150% increase in Google searches for oval cut engagement rings according to Hatton Jewellers, with celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian flaunting a large oval-shaped diamond engagement ring.  

“Over recent years we have seen a huge uplift in oval cut engagement rings,” says Nina Kanani, jeweller at Hatton Jewellers. “They’re the perfect option for a bride who wants something a little bit different but is still classic and timeless. The oval cut diamond is usually made up of up to fifty-eight facets and within the brilliant cut diamonds, it is one of the most radiant.” 


Image: Veto emerald open petal cocktail ring in 18K yellow gold, £2,995, Lark & Berry

Toi et Moi 

Meaning ‘you and me’ in French, a Toi et Moi engagement ring features two gemstones paired together on a single band. The distinct design allows for some beautiful creations and gemstone pairings, much like Megan Fox’s engagement ring.  

“The Toi et Moi style ring as an engagement piece is a perfect example of contemporary brides-to-be wanting coloured, edgier and more modern choices,” says Laura Chavez, founder of sustainable jewellery brand Lark & Berry. “It's already a very 2022 trend that shows no signs of slowing.” 

Consider pairing different shapes of the same gemstone or diamond together, or opt for a gemstone that will complement your sparkly diamond like an emerald, ruby or sapphire. 

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