5 Most Popular Wedding Hymns

27 May 2015

Get everyone singing with these popular hymns that lift the spirit and the atmosphere of your ceremony

Whilst some people prefer a very minimalist, modern wedding, there are still plenty of people who opt for a traditional weddings, with white gowns, hymns and a large family gathering. There are many things to plan when arranging a wedding, including the catering, music, guests, venue and theme.

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One aspect that can be planned in advance with the church is the wedding hymns that will be sung on the day. David of Broughton Pianos lists 5 of the most popular church hymns for weddings.

1. Amazing Grace
Almost everyone knows Amazing Grace, which makes it a perfect choice of wedding hymn.

2. Morning Has Broken
Another very popular wedding hymn that suits almost any type of wedding.

3. Give Me Joy In My Heart
An upbeat choice of wedding hymn that's always popular.

4. Come To A Wedding
An obvious choice of wedding hymn that's always a hit.

5. O Worship The King
Another traditional church hymn that's great for weddings.


Why piano accompaniment?
What makes the piano a great accompaniment for wedding hymns is its versatility. Pianos are used to perform all styles of music, from slow and ponderous pieces to those that are more upbeat. This means a piano is the perfect instrument for any type of wedding hymn.

Grand piano – Grand pianos are the largest type of piano available and offer a rich and vibrant sound. The downside is they can be very difficult to move and are expensive.

Upright piano – Upright pianos are a more practical alternative to grand pianos since they're much more compact. There is some compromise on sound quality but there are some excellent models available.

Digital piano – Digital pianos, or keyboards, are the least expensive and produce sound electronically rather than through strings, as is the case with grand pianos and uprights. They are usually not used in formal settings, such as a church.

Traditional pianos can be very expensive to buy new, which is why many people will choose to look for a second hand one. When looking for a used piano, there are two main places to buy – online or from a high street retailer. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Whilst buying online is of course very convenient, you don't get the chance to play the piano beforehand, which many people would argue is vital. If you do decide to buy online then you should always do plenty of research into the model you're considering. Read reviews and see what other people have to say about it.

If you decide to purchase from a music retailer then you should always test out the piano thoroughly. Make sure you're happy with the way it plays and sounds before committing to it.

Broughton Pianos

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