5 ideas for your wedding photography

23 Mar 2022

Glean some inspiration with these useful and creative ideas 

Image: Katarzyna Grabowska via Unsplash

There are so many important aspects to your wedding day and your wedding photography is one of them. The pictures from your wedding day will be cherished by you and your partner for years to come. If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding photography, try these photo ideas.  

Under the veil 


Image: Cameron Stow via Unsplash

As you have your formal photos taken as newlyweds, ask your photographer to take a photo of you and your partner under the veil. Having a photo captured together under the veil gives a soft, romantic look.  


Image: Olivia Hutcherson via Unsplash

There is a myriad of photo options to explore if you’re wearing a long, flowing veil on your wedding day. Play around with lighting, colours and texture by having your photographer shoot through your wedding veil, or invite them under the veil for a more intimate couple shot. This type of shot can also create a vintage feel when paired with a 1920s wedding theme.  


Landscape shot 


Image: Foto Pettine via Unsplash

A lot of thought goes into choosing your wedding venue, so make sure you capture it in your couple photos. If your venue has breath-taking scenery or stunning exteriors, show them off with a landscape image. These types of photos can make for some truly dramatic newlywed shots depending on the background.  


Image: Getty Images

Make it look as though you are the only two people in the world with a countryside or scenic photo. Or, make use of your beautiful wedding venue by photographing the exterior and interior in your couple shots. 

Look at taking these photos around dusk. As the sky turns from a pale blue to a warm orange, make sure to capture it all on camera. 

“I love to be able to give my couples some additional portraits later on when the sun is low to add a little extra variety from the ones that we took earlier on,” explains Helen England, owner of Helen England Photography in Kent.


Image: Helen England Photography

“That glowy sunset light is the perfect opportunity for us to create some gorgeous, romantic images. The couple will both be thoroughly relaxed and loved up, meaning they’ll look extra gorgeous in their photos during the most flattering light of the day.” 

Bride and groom getting ready  


Image: Andres Molina via Unsplash

Don’t forget to have images taken of yourself and your partner getting ready. Ask for photographs such as a close-up of the yourself getting your hair and make-up done, wearing your wedding dress for the first time on your special day, as well as the groom and groomsmen suiting up in their attire.

First look 


Image: Miguel Teirlinck via Unsplash

A heart-stopping moment on your wedding day is seeing your other half at the end of the aisle. Whether your partner bursts into tears at the sight of you or breaks into a big grin, make sure your photographer captures the moment. It will be perfect to look back on in the future.  

Candid shots 


Image: Getty Images

While you should get formal shots of yourself, your partner and your bridal party, candid shots make for some great wedding photos. The best photographers know how to disappear into the wedding crowd and capture those unexpected moments of the day.  

"I always love making the most of the time after the ceremony when the bride/s and groom/s are being congratulated and meeting their guests for the first time properly,” says Suffolk wedding photographer Sadie Windscheffel-Clarke, owner of Big Fish Photography.


Image: Big Fish Photography

“There are always lots of lovely moments to capture, such as huge hugs, happy tears and sincere kisses. It's all about capturing a true moment and not always getting in the way, making time for the candid, natural and real moments to happen.” 

From moments like dancing with your guests on the dancefloor, taking a quick breather together as newlyweds, members from opposite families conversing or the whole room erupting in laughter at your ceremony can make for some sweet images.  

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