4 Ways to Cut the Costs of your Wedding Alcohol

06 Feb 2015

4 Ways to Cut the Costs of your Wedding Alcohol

Day Dreaming Bride Wedding Blog looks into the ways you can stretch your alcohol budget a bit further.

Booze can be one of the biggest expenses of your wedding and the costs can run out of control very easily. 


If your budget is limited, why not stretch it a bit further during your drinks reception by offering delicious and refreshing homemade soft drinks in lieu of alcohol, or as cocktails to stretch the alcohol further? Serve the drinks garnished in pretty bottles (save clean clear and green glass wine bottles for this purpose) and jugs, or with fun straws for maximum impact.

Some cocktail ideas:


Thankfully, Champagne isn’t expected at weddings anymore. Prosecco or even Cava are perfectly good options. However, even these can vary wildly in price and those at the cheaper end may not always be the most palatable. If the fizz budget is very tight, then you can make even the cheapest bubbles delicious by adding a dash of berry cassis, some raspberry puree or some pomegranate. Your guests will be none the wiser!



You can get pretty crafty with your sparkling wine. You could think about serving more expensive fizz during the drinks reception, when people will really savour and taste it, and then serve a more cost effective (but still yummy!) version for the toasts where, more often than not, people only take a few sips.



Whilst most venues offer a relatively inexpensive ‘house wine’ option, these aren’t always the most appetising or the best value for money. Be sure to ask your venue about their corkage costs (many don’t advertise this upfront) as it can often be cheaper to supply your own wine. And a cost effective way of doing this for UK and Irish weddings may be buying the wine from France.

Look online at the many wine shops available in ports such as Calais. We’ve even found that some will pay your ferry or Eurotunnel crossing if you order a certain amount of wine. I don’t recommend that you buy blind – it’s imperative to taste the wine before you buy and consider what food you’ll be eating it with. You can easily research the wines on offer in Calais and taste those that you can find in supermarkets at home. Another option would be to go with a wine merchant such as Majestic, where you can taste the wines in their UK shops and then buy in Calais.

It’s easy in this instance to go wild and overbuy as the wine is so cheap compared to home. Be prepared! Know what the weight limit of your car is (check your vehicle specifications) and, most importantly, know how much wine you actually need and where you’ll be able to store it. There are a few wedding wine calculators out there to help you with this – try this one.

All this talk of wine and champagne is making me feel a bit thirsty (I was writing this in the evening, as opposed to 7am when I published it – I’m not that bad, promise!!) What wedding alcohol are you planning to serve? Have you any cost saving tips to share? Do tell!


Article courtesy of Day Dreaming Bride!





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