4 simple ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary

12 Jan 2022

Glean some inspiration to celebrate your wedding day

Image: Victoria Priessnitz via Unsplash

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Image gallery

Whether you're commemorating your first year of marriage or coming up to your ruby anniversary, it’s a cause for celebration. If you’re wanting to keep things low-key, here are four ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary. 


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Recreate the first date 

Reminisce about your first date butterflies by recreating the special day yourselves. If you’re able to, take your partner back to the venue where it all began. Otherwise, recreate the date from the comfort of your own home. Cook the meals that you ate, rewatch the first film you watched together or create a playlist with similar music. 


Image: Bao Truong via Unsplash

Have a cosy night in 

Keeping within a similar theme, why not treat yourselves to a cosy night in? This is ideal for the harsher winter weather. Crack open a bottle of wine and sit down with a challenging puzzle, or see who comes out on top with a few board games. Finish off the night with a movie you both enjoy or settle in for a movie marathon. Make sure you to remember the popcorn and pizza. 


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Snap those photos 

Photos allow your memories to last a lifetime, so celebrate your wedding anniversary by having a little photo shoot. Get creative with props, backdrops and poses. This is ideal for those big milestone anniversaries, such as celebrating your first year as a married couple. 

Alternatively, you could take your photo shoot outdoors. Go back to the spot you or your partner proposed, or visit a favourite café or place you like to spend your time together from some truly heart-warming pictures.  


Image: Getty Images

Make a day of it 

Plan some fun activities to do together as a happily married couple. You could take a picnic and drive to a quaint village or coastal town, explore your local art gallery and museum, or learn to make your own cocktails at a mixology class.  

Adrenaline junkies could go for a hike along some of the country’s most beautiful hiking trails, or even make a competition of it and have some fun with paint balling and go-karting.  

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