21 top wedding planning tips from real brides

14 Jun 2022

We revisit the expert wedding planning advice offered by brides, whose weddings featured on bridemagazine.co.uk

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Image gallery

There is no better advice than from someone who has walked in your shoes and made it through the other side, and the same applies when planning a wedding. Brides-to-be are often nervous at first when they put pen to paper and start making their wedding plans. However, fast forward a year or two, when their big day has been and gone, and they are well versed in all things weddings.

From the initial choices to the finishing touches, brides will experience the same highs and lows that wedding planning brings and are therefore, best placed to advise future brides on their journey to becoming a newlywed. As such, we've rounded up the best advice from 21 brides, whose wedding story featured on bridemagazine.co.uk.

Whether you're looking for words of wisdom, encouragement or a bit of both, these brides know what they're talking about, so take note. 


"Do not be afraid to ask for help; everybody likes to be involved in your special day in one way or another, so be sure to delegate to relieve some of the pressure." Gina Palffy, Norfolk

"Enjoy every second, even the stress. Watching everything come together is the best feeling in the world." Kimberley Swift, Lancashire

"Keep everything on a spreadsheet so that you can keep track of costs." Milly Voice, Derbyshire



"Remember that the day is about you as a couple and it should reflect both of you, not one or the other. Make sure decisions are made jointly; even if you have conflicting or different ideas, find a compromise. I can assure you it will make the planning process a lot smoother, more enjoyable and a lot less stressful for you both." Katie Hows, Norfolk

"Don’t get concerned with keeping up with appearances; it’s your day, so do what you want as it's your memories you are making." Caitlin Acton, Lancashire

"Try to relax and take it all in. It is such an important day that you need to enjoy the process; it will all come together." Sueanne Sale, Cheshire


"It is easier said than done, but just try to be in the moment. Everyone says the wedding day flies by and it does. Make sure you take a second to stand with your partner and watch your guests, watch what is happening and what is going on around you, and take a mental picture of that moment. Be present and enjoy." Abigail Scott, London

"If you’ve got friends that are very creative, then use them – they know you best and they can be a godsend." Jan Thomas-West and Emily Hayward, Yorkshire

"If you are going to DIY everything, like me, start early and actually finish things before starting another project." Chantelle Hewitt, Cambridgeshire


"If something happens to go differently to how you planned it, your guests won’t even notice as they don’t know what you’ve planned." Olivia Herman, Nottinghamshire

"Keep it simple, don't sweat the small stuff and an amazing wedding doesn't need to cost a lot of money." Jodie Wilson, Scotland

"Research, research, research. When you find something you like, don’t commit straight away, research it more to see where or how you can make it cheaper. Don’t rule an idea out just on the price; keep researching and I bet you find a way to make it work." Carrie Jameson, Ireland


"The little things don’t matter; let the professionals and vendors do what they do best." Kate Allon, London

"Don’t feel the need to cave to traditions unless it’s what you want to include in your day. We spent hours debating over ‘what’s done’ and ‘what’s expected’ at weddings. We constantly felt that we had to include (and pay) for things purely for the reason that it's traditional to do so. The truth is that your guests aren’t going to miss favours, canapés, specially designed name cards or huge floral displays, they’re just there for you. There’s nothing wrong with having those things, but don’t feel pressured unless it’s what you want." Chloe Brown, Devon

"You can never plan too early and it is perfectly normal to feel stressed out in the lead up to the wedding." Jessica Smith, Norfolk


"We’d really recommend having an engagement shoot with your photographer if they offer one because as well as having some beautiful photos, it helped us get used to having our photo taken so we were comfortable and not nervous about it on the day." Katie Taylor, Yorkshire

"Don't let family members stress you out, you need to enjoy the process. Less is more." Skye Brockhurst, Sussex

"Limit the amount of people you take with you when wedding dress shopping." Emma Gillespie, Ireland


"Use the moments (when you're wedding planning) to bond, rather than bicker. Listen to each other. If one of you is overwhelmed, stop and pick the conversation up again tomorrow." Sophie Baczynski, Buckinghamshire

"100% book a videographer. We debated this for a while but we are so glad to have the video to look back on." Niamh McKee, Ireland

"I wish I’d known about the wedding blues. The day was so magical and I felt so sad it was all over. Make sure you plan lots of fun things to do after the wedding and make sure you have photos on your phone to look at every day." Jade Walkett, Norfolk

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