The 20 Different Looks of Real Women Who Nailed British Bridal Beauty

18 Aug 2015

It’s a day to shine for all brides, but there’s no doubting that British brides are championing bridal beauty at its best. Here are 20 examples of home-grown style at its alternative, natural and traditional best.

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1. The bride that champions British design
Where: The George in Rye and The Mermaid Hotel, East Sussex
Photographed by: Lyndsey Goddard Photography


“What constitutes an English bride? That’s a hard question to answer, and the answer will vary depending on who you ask,” says photographer, Lyndsey. “For me, this image sums it up. It depicts the bride, Charlotte, a designer of bridal accessories handmade in England, dressed on her own wedding day by English designers (a Jenny Packham dress and Rachel Simpson shoes) and carrying a bouquet of red roses - England's national flower. This portrait was taken near one of England's oldest inns, The Mermaid Hotel.”


2. The adventurous British bride
Where: The Kent countryside
Photographed by: Matt Tyler Photography 


“This is a photo from Hannah and Tom’s beautiful festival wedding held in her grandmother’s woods in Kent,” says Matt. “The photo overlooks the Kent countryside just near the wedding location. Hannah looks stunning in her dress and I loved her attitude towards getting great photos. I’d ask ‘How would you feel about climbing on top of that massive rock, Hannah?’ and before I could get a reply she was already half way up.”


3. The country village British bride
Where: Bedfordshire
Photographed by: Stephen Bunn Photography 


“I’d consider this bride, Elizabeth, to sum up an English bride for me,” says Stephen. “She and Will were married in a small village in Bedfordshire, in the local church. Hymns were sung enthusiastically, local villagers came out to wish the couple well and there was a receiving line at the reception for everyone to give the couple their best wishes – a lovely English village wedding.”


4. The welly-wearing British bride
Where: The Swan Hotel and Spa at Newby Bridge, Cumbria
Photography by: Lawson Photography


“If there's one thing that's quintessentially British at weddings, it's our high quality wet weather planning. Spare wellies in the wedding car – that's what I'm talking about. And what wellies they were... beautiful pink Hunter wellies. If you're going to protect your wedding shoes between the car door and the church door, do it in style. Obviously the rest of this day in the Lake District alternated between beautiful sunshine and torrential downpours, as that's what we love and expect from this soggy little island.”


5. The wistful British bride
Where: Buckinghamshire Golf Club
Photographed by: F5 Photography – Rahul Khona


“This is probably one of my favourite portraits to date," says Rahul. "Amisha didn't want to wear her heels as they were hurting her, so I asked if she didn't mind walking through the fields barefoot, she kindly obliged and I got this.”



6. The barn wedding British bride
Where: Arley Hall in Cheshire
Photographed by: ARJ Photography


“Sometimes the most simple of photos are the best," says Adam Johnson. "This beautiful crook barn is a lovely feature of Arley Hall and a perfect spot for a whole host of photos. Christina and Peter’s Arley Hall wedding was a fairly traditional affair and Christina looked beautiful. All I had to do was set up the shot, give a little gentle direction and click the button. The rest is all about Christina.”


7. The emotional British bride
Where: Sefton Park Palm House in Merseyside (visit this venue at Bride: The Wedding Fair)
Photographed by: Adam Riley Photography


“Sarah is getting ready for her wedding at Sefton Park Palm House,” says Adam. “I love the nerves and excitement she is showing as the veil is finally placed into her hair. The English are often known for keeping their emotions in check, but the wedding day is an exception to this.”


8. The prepared British bride
Where: Caswell House, Oxfordshire
Photographed by: Albert Palmer Photography


“Emma was a beautiful English bride,” says Albert. “Her wedding at Caswell House was one of the highlights of the year. I like this slightly quirky shot, taken behind the scenes. One of the funnier, less elegant images in my photography portfolio, for sure. I’m always in two minds whether to take an image like this - the cheeky boy inside me reassures me it’s okay to press the shutter button.”


9. The sun-kissed British bride
Narborough Hall, Leicestershire
Photographed by: Andy Gaines


“Olivia rocked it all day at Narborough Hall,” says Andy, “including here when we grabbed a quick portrait as the sun peeked out behind the trees.”


10. The quintessential British bride
Horniman Museum, London
Photographed by: Ben Joseph Photography


“This portrait shot taken at the Horniman Museum in south London where I am an accredited supplier,” says Ben. “Often during the fast-paced movement of a wedding day I like to slow things down from time to time and shoot some ‘straight’ daylight portraits. Here’s an example of the bride enjoying her quintessential English wedding. The flowers in her hair add a nice touch and remind me that this wedding had an afternoon tea theme during the reception stage of the day – very English.”


11. The timeless British bride
Crowcombe Court, Somerset
Photographed by: Jackson & Co Photography


“Louise just looked stunning on the morning of her wedding at Crowcombe Court last December,” say Jackson & Co. “Although in the depths of winter the sun was blazing and we got some of the best light of the year. Before the ceremony I really wanted to just stop for a moment and make one frame of her looking elegant and happy and it just came out exactly as I’d hoped.”


12. The vintage British bride
Where: Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
Photographed by: Kristian Leven Photography


“I love moments like this - completely unstaged, completely natural. I had a feeling as I walked ahead of Georgina, down the spiral staircase of the light-tower at Trinity Buoy Wharf, that the shaft of window light would produce a beautiful picture,” says Kristian. “Thankfully, Georgina added to it by looking out, observing all the guests drinking, laughing, and having a merry old time.”


13. The alternative British bride
Where: Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire
Photographed by: CG Weddings by the Crawleys


“This frame was created at Carden Park Hotel near Chester,” say The Crawleys. “I really like this image as it represents an alternative angle many English brides will now adopt. When we think of an English bride many people may conjure up a stereotypical image of a classic looking lady in a traditional dress. This is still true in many ways, but I really applaud Claire (the bride in this image) for mixing a classic dress with an alternative twist.”


14. The pure, natural British bride
Where: Spains Hall Estate, Essex
Photographed by: Lorenzo Photography


“This gorgeous English bridal portrait was taken during brides preps at Spains Hall Estate in the chocolate box village of Finchingfield, Essex,” says Lorenzo. “The radiant glow in her face represents everything that an English bride means to me: pure, natural, simple beauty and a delicate sprinkling of freckles captured in the warm summer sunshine. Her eyes and smile tells you just how happy she is as she anticipates the day ahead.”


15. The camera-shy British bride
Where: Tower Bridge, London
Photographed by: Miki Photography


“Megan and Obe had a Tower Bridge wedding and Megan, by her own words, wasn’t particularly comfortable about being in front of the camera when we first met,” says Miki. “But that’s why I love this shot because you couldn’t tell. After the pre-wed shoot she was really up for everything. When she was getting ready in her flat, she had this small balcony overlooking the Thames. Originally I wanted to see if I could get her and the Thames in the same shot, but the wind started blowing and as she started to stop, her veil flying away, I could see how cool it looked. I told her to keep doing it. Glad it came out well.”


16. The emotional British bride
Where: Crow Hill, Yorkshire
Photographed by: Neil Redfern Photography


“Sometimes the simplest photographs can have the most feeling,” says Neil. “This shot of Lauren was taken just before she left to go to church and marry Ben, whilst she was stood in front of a window at Crow Hill in Yorkshire, where she was getting ready in the morning. It was a very emotional time as so much planning had been put in to the lead-up to this moment.”


17. The fairy-like British bride 
Where: Sisted Orchard, Essex
Photographed by: Rik Pennington Photography


“Lauren worked so hard at creating a very English wedding in an orchard in Essex,” says Rik, “that I thought a portrait of her and her amazing headpiece summed up an afternoon in the English summer. It had an almost fairy-like quality to it that she pulled off with great aplomb and elegance.”


18. The cottage-dwelling British bride
Where: Kingston Estate, Devon
Photographed by: Sam Gibson Photography 


“This is Georgina leaving her cottage on the beautiful Kingston Estate shortly before the start of her wedding ceremony in the main house,” says Sam. “Sometimes it’s hard fitting wedding dresses in and out of spaces in old houses.”


19. The surprised English bride
Where: Tithe Barn, Gloucestershire
Photography by: Samuel Docker Photography 


“Natalie and Henry got married at the incredible Tithe Barn at Stanway House in Gloucestershire, and Natalie didn’t think that Henry had got her a present for the wedding. Natalie was wrong.” says Samuel. “This is the moment that Natalie realised she wouldn’t be driving to the wedding in a bridesmaid’s Ford Ka but, instead, in her brother’s pretty special vintage Nissan Figaro; a present from Henry.”


20. The returning British bride
Where: Broughton Hall, north Yorkshire
Photographed by: York Place Studios


“Sometimes there’s just a real magic in the air at a wedding and Sarah and Richard’s winter wedding at Broughton Hall had a particularly spectacular moment,” say Dom and Liam. “Sarah and Richard were returning to the UK having spent the last few years in Australia and their homecoming was met by a beautiful sight unheard of in their new home: snow. It was just perfect and, surrounded by Australian guests many of whom had literally never seen snow before, Sarah’s reaction was priceless.”

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