12 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Dress Fitting

07 Jan 2016

A wedding gown that fits like a dream is a crucial part of a bride’s big day and timeless beauty. Read these top tips on how to have an ideal wedding dress fitting before heading down to the bridal boutique 

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A bride’s wedding dress search can be an exciting experience, with endless trying-on sessions and hundreds of styles to choose from. Yet it can also be stressful if the perfect gown is nowhere to be found, or worse, doesn’t fit.

That’s why it’s important to take the right steps during a wedding dress fitting, to ensure it fits like a glove and appears exactly how you envisaged it on the big day.

Wedding dress designerGemma Leakey offers her top tips for brides to ensure the dress fitting process is a stress-free, enjoyable experience.


1. Buy your undergarments prior to your first fitting
Find functional, properly fitted support that is also comfortable. There is a varied range of body shapers, with balconettes and padded bras out there for all shapes and sizes. A simple bra switch or change in heel height can cause your dress to fit badly.

2. Buy your bridal shoes also prior to your first fitting
This is the only way to determine the perfect length. If you don’t have them, then bring a pair of shoes with the same heel height as your desired bridal shoe. Hem length and fit are not something people notice when they are perfect.

3. Try on veils and headpieces while in the dress
The earlier you can do this the better as these can change the appearance of the dress. If you want a cathedral veil for example, this will affect the ideal length of your train on the dress to create the perfect distance between the veil and the train.

4. Have an idea of your ideal hairstyle beforehand
If you are someone who only wears their hair down, we would need to consider this at the designing stage. There is no point in having beautiful detail at the back when your hair will be covering it.


5. Make peace with your body
Make peace with your body the way it is at your second fitting, scheduling your fitness regime to become a maintenance programme at that time.

6. Bring a camera to all dress fittings
Sometimes it can be hard to visually remember every detail during the fitting. By taking pictures you can look back and make sure you are 100 per cent happy with the dress.

7. Do speak up
During all of the fittings, this is your moment to voice your every thought and opinion. Don’t be pressured into a decision, this is your dress for that one special day, and we want to ensure you walk away happy with your dress.

8. Bring someone you trust
Bring along your mum, a friend, someone whose opinion you trust. Listen to your own instincts and opinions of those you trust.

9. Make sure you can move comfortably in the dress
Again, it may seem obvious but remember to sit down when you have your dress on. You don’t want to feel so constricted that you can’t sit and enjoy your three-course wedding meal.

10. Watch out for wrinkling and bunching
During the fittings, make sure your dress stays in one place as you move and make sure there is no obvious wrinkling, bunching or pulling of material. If you have a full-length dress, make sure your hem skims the tops of the toes of your shoes.

11. Familiarise yourself with the bustle on your dress
Figure out where all the hooks and loops are. It’s important to bring along the person who is going to be helping you get in the dress and bustle it to the fitting for a how-to tutorial.

12.  Preserve your gown
Make arrangements before your wedding day to get your gown preserved as soon after the wedding as possible. You want your wedding dress to be something you can look back at and treasure in years to come.

Gemma will be launching her debut bridal collection in February 2016, to sit alongside her recommended bespoke bridal service. To view the collection visit her website at www.gemmaleakey.com



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