12 nationwide documentary wedding photographers and videographers

10 Apr 2017

Sharing stunning examples of their documentary style, here are 12 wedding photographers and videographers who serve the UK

Image gallery

Image gallery

Timothy Spatz of Spatz Film, www.spatzfilm.com

"I adapted my style of filming from working in the music industry and touring with bands where the best way of filming was to be super discreet. When I filmed my sister's wedding in 2012 I realised that this way of filming a wedding allowed to create amazing video. Going unnoticed and staying well out of the way meant for a natural representation of the day and also meant I was never in the way of the actual wedding. Stuart and Amanda's video really highlights how this style of filming works well."

Paul Rogers, https://rogerspictures.com

"So who am I thinking about when I photograph a wedding as a documentary wedding photographer? I’m thinking about the yet-to-be conceived children and grandchildren of the bride and groom. These are the photographs that will start a hundred conversations about uncles and aunties, about the perfect dress, and why daddy and his mates are making those funny shapes on the dance floor. Quality photojournalism hasn’t gone out of fashion once in the last 150 years. Documentary wedding photography will stand the test of time, and will still tell fabulous stories in another 100 years."


Mick Threlfall of MoviArt Films, http://www.moviartfilms.com/

"Being a documentary wedding filmmaker means being solely reliant on my ability to capture a true moment beautifully without resorting to interrupting it to get ‘the shot’. Using cameras even smaller than the photographer's allows me to capture the real wedding day; naturally, elegantly and hopefully without guests even realising there has been a filmmaker present. Christian and Katie’s film illustrates how a heartfelt and unique story is at the heart of every wedding - it is up to the documentary wedding filmmaking to find it."

Chris Morse, www.chris-morse.co.uk

"A wedding is about two people. It's a declaration of love and commitment that they've chosen to share with their closest friends and family. It's not a photoshoot. My role in a wedding is to document their day, not orchestrate or control it. I create photographs to keep memories alive; they are more than evidence something happened. That's why I focus on the genuine moments: the massive smiles, the tears and the full on belly laughs. That's how I capture the feelings, emotions and atmosphere of a wedding. And that’s what documentary photography is all about.”


Dom, Liam, Alex and Matt of York Place Studios, www.yorkplacestudios.co.uk

"We are a documentary photo and film family team who have a distinctive, layered street photography-led documentary style, seeking personality in every frame and capturing life, colour and character through candid composition. We strive not to follow wedding clichés or recreate anything that’s gone before; we believe that to create truly original work you need to leave preconceptions at the door and work moment to moment, seeking to create imagery that is not just interesting to the couple or even just to the guests but to everyone, regardless of their interest in weddings. For York Place, it’s people, not weddings, that we consider our muse; weddings just happen to be one of the places we find them."


Alex Butler of Flash Dronewww.flashdrone.uk/events

"We provide bespoke drone wedding video, immaculately tailored to meet each couple's needs. Ground video and pictures and aerial images montaged into a spectacular stand-out movie for your wedding day. Working with outstanding and respected photographers, I work to ensure all the special moments are captured from all angles and deliver documentary footage that will last a lifetime."

Rob of Shooting Hip, www.shootinghip.com

"I choose to describe what I do as ‘wedding photography in the first person’.  If I can help someone experience your wedding simply through the pictures I share,  then imagine how intense the same images are if it was your wedding. I look for the interaction of people and the way in which their eyes tell the story. I use my ears too. I also find that my candid personality allows me to build trust in both clients and guests to deliver the best uninhibited first person images.”


Mark Seymourwww.markseymourphotography.co.uk

"As a Nikon UK ambassador I was the first UK photographer to receive a double fellowship and ever since, I have developed my distinctive documentary photography style. My couples trust me to capture their day naturally, recording the emotions, magic moments and reactions of the couple with their guests. The story of the day includes a few detail shots and 3-5 group shots, taking less than 15 minutes. I photograph the couple; my style is very simple, capturing them interacting and holding each other as they would naturally, just timeless, elegant portraits; it’s not about me staging editorial shots."


Andy Gaines, www.andygaines.com

"To me, storytelling is what good wedding photography is all about. The photographs are about more than just the day itself. I take a natural approach to my work. I want the couple to focus on enjoying themselves and having the best party of their lives. That is what makes awesome photographs. Opportunities for the perfect shots arise as the day evolves; I make sure I make the most of each and every one so my couples get images that they will treasure forever."


Penny Hall of Sixpence Filmswww.silversixpencefilms.com

"Silver Sixpence Films offers a bespoke videography service that creates cinematic, romantic wedding films, in a documentary style. Our team work closely with our clients in the lead up to the wedding to ensure a timeless, emotional reflection of your day is created in the best way possible. We use cinematic equipment and small state-of-the-art cameras which means that we can observe the day in an unobtrusive way while capturing beautiful fleeting moments. We pride ourselves on our ability to work quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to the flow of the day."

Chris Seddonwww.chris-seddon.co.uk

"When I first photographed a wedding, almost seven years ago, I was helping out a wedding photographer friend. He handled all of the posed shots, the formal portraits and the group photos. He told me to just have fun and do my thing. At the time, I didn’t know what 'my thing' was. It turned out that being able to blend in and assume the role of 'guest with a camera' gave me my first steps into documentary wedding photography. Since then, my style and approach has developed and grown into something that incorporates my love of movies and books - where narrative is a major part of how I 'see' a wedding."


Steve Hammal of Matrimonial Filmswww.matrimonialfilms.co.uk

“I've been a wedding videographer for eight years. I'm a BBC and ITV trained cameraman and editor and I've always been passionate about crafting beautiful images. What I love about shooting weddings is that they're always a happy, heartwarming occasion and I get to capture those magical moments that embody the essence of the day. For the couple, the wedding day is often one giant happy blur so capturing those memories on film, for them to revisit throughout their lives, is incredibly rewarding. It's no wonder that not booking a videographer is the number one regret couples who didn't book one always have."

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