11 Weight Loss Tips That REALLY Work

17 Aug 2015

It’s a bold promise, but one The Wedding Dress Diet Plan is willing to make: you will lose weight in five days with this diet.

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The women behind The Wedding Dress Diet Plan, Nicky and Rachel, both lost a staggering three stone in 12 weeks and two stone in eight weeks, respectively, using this plan (read their inspiring weight-loss stories here). For £14.99 you can access the full 12-week plan (for a limited time only) and if you don’t have success, you’re guaranteed your money back.

Now to start you on your way, they’re sharing their top 11 weight-loss tips for brides-to-be on the journey to a slimmer wedding day.


1. Invest in digital scales
There’s nothing more motivating than seeing the figure on your scales decrease, and digital scales will give you the most easy-to-read figures to help keep you in the zone.

Image by dno1967b licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


2. Drink, drink, drink!
Drink plenty of water (four pints minimum a day). Add ice, too, which will boost your metabolism.

Image by StockPhotosForFree.com licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


3. Before you start, take a picture
It’s not pleasant, but you’ll be grateful later – take an honest ‘before’ photo of yourself before you start and stick it on your fridge. As you go, you can take more and see the progress you’re making in printed form.

Founder of The Wedding Dress Diet, Nicky, can enjoy her success at a glance with before and after pictures documenting her progress. Read her story


4. Shop to lists
Don’t shop hungry, and don’t go without a list – without the temptations of offers and treats, you’ll be able to plan your week with a level head. Every time you open the fridge take a look and remember why you put that there. Just think about that perfect dress and the day, and that will help to keep you motivated.

Image by Karen licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


5. Sign up for a race
Set an activity-based challenge for yourself that’s not diet related, such as signing up for that local 5K race, or climbing the tallest wall at your gym. Even if it’s cycling to work every day for a month, the challenge must be set.

Image by Neil Tilbrook licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


6. Join a weight loss community – one that holds you accountable.
The Wedding Dress Diet has helped brides-to-be lose weight for their big day, and the founders themselves have walked in your shoes. With the support there, you’re more likely to stick to your plan.



7. Slow down
Make like a tortoise and eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. When you concentrate on the food you are eating, the flavour and enjoyment will be so much more intense and you will find yourself more full and satisfied.

Image by Alexa Steinbruck licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


8. Make breakfast count
Eat porridge for breakfast. Not only can you get some great tasty flavours, this will keep you fuller for longer.

Image by rpavich licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


9. Learn about nutrition
Plan your meals at home and start to read about the nutrition of foods – The Wedding Dress Diet Plan provides recipe ideas, and if you’re looking for a quick low-calorie meal, why not try a prawn or chicken stir fry. Replace the noodles with extra vegetables. Proteins like chicken and prawns will help to keep you full up through-out the day.

Image by the US Department of Agriculture licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


10. Don’t deprive yourself – it’s about moderation.
If you occasionally fancy something sweet, try Lindt dark chocolate for an intense chocolate hit at only around 40 calories a square. One square is enough for a sweet tooth and will stop you reaching for the whole bar, but it will satisfy that craving.

Image by Everjean licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


11. Complete The Wedding Dress Diet Weight loss daily diary
Write down the reasons you’re trying to lose weight and often refer to it – it’s a cognitive behaviour strategy to create lists and a record of your progress.

Image by The Italian Voice licensed under Flickr Creative Commons


12. Don’t be so hard on yourself – you can do it!
You’re doing this for you. Smile, look how far you’ve come, and then carry on.

Image by Run on Beat licensed under Flickr Creative Commons

For more information and to purchase your copy of the plan, visit www.weightlossforyourwedding.com

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