11 unique and unusual wedding gift ideas

23 Jun 2022

Ask your guests to give you these quirky and personalised wedding gifts 

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While some couples may find joy in shopping for their outfits, choosing the venue or sampling delicious cake options, others enjoy creating their gift registry. Traditionally, these gifts are usually small appliances and décor items, detailed dinnerware, and bedding.  

Today, couples are breaking the mould and opting for more personalised wedding celebrations, so it’s natural that wedding gifts should reflect this theme. If you are looking for gifts that are more unique or slightly unusual, consider asking your guests to gift you these items instead.  

1. Theatre tickets


If both you and your partner are frequent visitors, consider asking for season tickets to your local theatre. See if a production is performing your favourite play or musical, or treat yourselves with a trip to London's West End. Your guests could gift you tickets to a captivating ballet production or a moving operatic performance.  

2. Stargazing experience


If you are looking for something a bit more romantic, add a stargazing experience to your gift registry. Ask for an experience that involves one of the country’s national parks, as you are sure to get clearer views of the night sky away from city lights. Who knows, you might even see a shooting star to wish on as you begin your journey as newlyweds.  


3. Cooking class


For couples with a passion for food, consider asking your guests to purchase a voucher for a cooking class. Learn how to make pasta from scratch or add a pasta making kit to your gift registry. There are a plethora of cooking classes out there for all abilities and you’ll be sure to find something to your tastes.  

4. Pasta making kit

You could also learn to make pasta right from the comfort of your own home by asking for a pasta crafting kit. While the kit should come with pasta cutters and rolling pins, some kits also have a cookbook so you'll never be short of recipe ideas. After your wedding, you can invite your friends and family over to show off your new-found skills. 

5. Wine or craft beer tasting


A wine tasting or craft beer tour might be more of a relaxing wedding gift, as you peruse a vineyard or local distillery at your leisure. You could also ask your guests to book you a tour so you and your partner can learn how certain wines or beers are made. 

6. Custom artwork


Sometimes, a personal touch makes all the difference. You could ask your guests for a personalised gift, or they could have a custom artwork made for you. Many artists can create realistic paintings from photos, which would make a great gift to celebrate your newlywed status. If you are asking your guests to give you money, this could go towards having a live artist at your wedding, with a beautiful portrait or scene from your wedding day to take home after the festivities.  

7. Personalised décor

Consider asking for a personalised map which could be split into three sections, showing where you met, where you got engaged and where you got married.

8. Unique chopping board

You could also ask for a personalised wooden chopping board engraved with you and your partner’s initials or surname, depending on whether you plan on taking your partner’s last name or vice versa.  

9. Christmas ornament 


A great gift idea for a winter wedding is to ask for a personalised Christmas ornament. This can mark your first big holiday together as a married couple and will be a treasured gift in the years to come.

10. Personalised puzzle

Ask your guests to get creative and gift you a custom puzzle made from a photo. This would be ideal if you and your partner love a cosy night at home solving puzzles together.  

11. Wedding help

A truly personal and appreciated gift is to ask your guests to help you and your partner with your wedding preparations. Assistance from friends and family will help to alleviate any pre-wedding stress, and will be particularly helpful for those with lots of weddings elements they need to finalise or co-ordinate, or weddings with intricate DIY details

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