10 wedding stationery trends for post-lockdown weddings

17 Mar 2021

Lisa Forde, owner of Tree of Hearts shares her wedding stationery trend predictions for post-lockdown weddings 


Image gallery

Image gallery

  1. Eco-friendly stationery 

Eco-friendly themes have been massive for the past few years, and they’re predicted to get even bigger after lockdown. 

So many people have become more eco-conscious in the lockdowns, with many people trying out vegan diets and simply spending more time outside. Lockdown walks have meant a lot of people have reconnected with nature, so helping the planet is something they really want to do. 

People will be opting for stationery made from recycled and biodegradable materials. We have even seen people choosing paper with seeds in for their stationery so that their wedding guests can get planting. Post-lockdown weddings are all about creativity.   

  1. Bold, bright designs 

We are also likely to see people choosing bold stationery in bright shades. Being stuck at home has felt so dull for many of us so people are choosing stationery that is vibrant and screams ‘fun’.   

Patterns are coming back in a big way, with people choosing both vintage and modern patterns for their invitations.  

  1. Gold foil stationery 

Add a luxury touch to any wedding with sparkling gold foil stationeryIt’s perfect for any couple that are intending to have a traditional wedding with modern touches. 

If gold isn’t your style, we have gorgeous shades of silver and rose gold, too. There’s something for everyone. 

  1. Less is more 

While we know there are going to be lots of big, flashy weddings, we are also certain that many couples will be going for a ‘less is more’ approach to their weddings and their stationery. 

Minimalist styles will be popular as ever as they are ideal for so many different wedding themes. 

We also predict that people will be buying less stationery in general. With lots of people having micro-weddings and smaller budgets, it’s likely that some couples will be focusing on the stationery essentials rather than the nice-to-have extras.  

  1. DIY 

DIY stationery will appeal to post-lockdown couples for so many different reasonsWith many couples having more time on their hands, they have decided to hand-make their own invitations. DIY stationery is also more unique as it can be as personalised in so many different ways.  

We have also seen lots of people buying ‘ready-to-write’ invitations, where they hand-write all the details themselves. This is a great option if you’re still unsure when your wedding date will be. You can write and send your invitations as late as possible to avoid making last-minute changes 

  1. Green 

Recently we have also seen lots of people planning weddings with green colour schemes. This gorgeous colour can be used in your stationery in so many different ways, whether that’s an entirely green stationery collection or a collection featuring beautiful foliage artwork, such as our popular eucalyptus design. 

Sage green seems to be the most popular shade at the minute, with people opting for soft colour palettes and being inspired by nature.  

  1. Watercolour  

Wedding stationery in watercolour styles are also very popular choice for post-lockdown wedding couples. They’re a beautiful way to add a splash of style or colour to any stationery. It’s definitely a trend to watch out for this year. 

Colours including jewel tones and navy will be particular favourites, as they’re bold and beautiful without being too much. 

  1. Charity 

With charity fundraisers and charitable giving becoming so popular throughout the lockdowns, we are certain we will see more couples asking for charity donations as a wedding gift. 

Gift poem cards are the ideal way to do this. They ask wedding guests for a gift of money in a poem format which can be personalised to suit you. 

They are also available in a wide range of designs, with styles to suit anyone. 

  1. Fruit 

Fruit will also be a popular theme for weddings after lockdown. Whave seen a lot of citrus fruits in weddings of 2019 and 2020, so we are certain these will still be making an appearance. These bright fruits represent the connection that so many have found with nature and help celebrate the beauty of life.  

We also predict to see lots of couples having strawberry-themed celebrations, with ‘the Strawberry Dress’ going viral last year. We can’t wait to see strawberry stationery. 

  1.  Little details 

For the couples that do decide to go all out for their celebration, there’s likely to be so much focus on the little details.  

Envelope seals are a gorgeous way to add a little extra style to your wedding stationery at a minimal cost. They’re available across a wide range of designs, including styles to match your save the dates and wedding invitations. 

Wax seals are also a popular option as ever. They add so much luxury to any invitation or save the date envelope. You can buy them from many online retailers, or have a go at making your own. 

Overall, we are certain that post-lockdown weddings will be ones to remember. The pandemic has definitely changed the wedding world forever, and will be a turning point for the styles that people choose for their special day. We simply can’t wait to see all of the weddings. 

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