10 wedding guests you'll never forget

08 Apr 2016

From the moment they RSVP, a wedding guest becomes part of your big day in more ways than one. Read up in advance of the ones to watch out for…

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the guests who are there to wish you the best future. Becoming caricatures of their former selves, weddings bring out the best (and worst) in some people, so be sure to savour and treasure the moments that your guests create in making your wedding day so special.

From grandparents to the MOtB, here is a rundown of the wedding guests you'll never forget.

1. The emotional father

Even when you’ve walked down the aisle, most dads can’t help but continue to shed a tear on the big day. Be there to comfort him throughout the day and remind him you’re still his little girl… but be warned, he might blub more so have a Kleenex at the ready.

2. The doting mother

Whether she’s fussing over your frock or making sure your hair is in place, your mum will be a vital helping hand on your wedding day. Give her the credit she deserves and when she gets too much, point her in the direction of the bar.

3. The drunk bridesmaid

Far from a steady decline, there will be at least one bridesmaid who ensures she makes the most out of the free-flowing champagne. From dancing on the top table to crying tears of joy, she will fill your day with the stories that are well worth retelling – until she is put to bed early.

4. The lairy usher/best man

A partner in crime to the drunk bridesmaid, the lairy usher or best man will make it his job to own the dancefloor from the beginning of the evening right through to the early hours. Getting the crowd going in a way only he knows how, he will be sure to instigate the inevitable dance off and he will catch you when you recreate the Dirty Dancing lift.

5. The embarrassing uncle

Slurring and stumbling with a glass of Claret in his hand, almost every family has one uncle who isn’t afraid to let his hair down. With a cheeky wink and a wondering eye, he will be the one guest that family and friends try to avoid… just keep a close eye on him around the bridesmaids.

6. The adorable flower girl/page boy

If younger family members or godchildren play a part in your wedding day, send them down the aisle first to divert the attention away from you – for a little while at least. The cooing will serve to soften the congregation as the little darlings lead you to the front of the ceremony room… just make sure the crowd save the biggest coo for last.

7. The heroic best man

No wedding is complete without a standing ovation for the best man’s speech. There is no better feeling when the pre-speech jitters and unimaginable pressure to deliver pays off – and the best man can sink a pint in peace. Cheers to the wedding day hero!

8. The stressed-out sibling

They’re the ones you can bark orders at without being polite and boy, do they embrace their duties when at the beck and call of a bridezilla. Just be sure to say ‘thank you’ or they’ll get their own back the next day.

9. The upstaging 'plus one'

Is she really wearing white? There’s always one guest who you wish you hadn’t had to invite – and they tend to be the guests that push their luck even further. Don’t let them get to you – this is your big day; just smile sweetly… albeit through gritted teeth.

10. The grumpy grandad

He just wants to go to bed and will bother to tell you countless times. Ensure he has the comfiest seat in the house, ply him with snacks and keep him sweet until he has well and truly had enough.

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