10 ways to personalise your wedding cake

28 Apr 2017

Get creative with your wedding cake by looking at these cool customisation ideas

Image gallery

Image gallery

1. Statement customisation

This completely bespoke wedding cake was designed by Jennifer Cakes, working closely with the couple to depict their hobbies of walking, cycling, kayaking, climbing and exploring in an overt way. Also featuring personalised sign posts and a bespoke topper of them in a combination of their walking outfits and wedding outfits, the cake comprised a rich fruit cake and one gluten/dairy-free chocolate sponge.


2. Mapping your journey

Keen travellers? Or do you hold a particular country close to your heart? A wedding cake featuring a map in your chosen colour scheme is a beautiful way to add personalisation that packs a punch. 

3. Couple silhouette

Whether you want to keep it simple with a black and white cut-out topper or want to cascade the theme down the tiers while telling a story, silhouettes are a romantic and effective way to customise your cake. 


4. Colour theming

Liggy's Cake Company called this cake The Arco Iris (Spanish for 'rainbow') as they designed it for a couple getting married in the mountains above Barcelona. It was a bespoke commission that needed to combine a hint of traditional bridal flavour with something unique and personal to the couple. From the back, the cake looked like a traditional white-iced wedding cake, but the front revealed the rainbow cake interior to tie in with the rainbow colour scheme for the bridesmaids and table decorations. The power of nature was a theme close to the couple's hearts, and the team at Liggy's created a feeling of nature unable to be held back, bursting out from the inside. Each sponge was a different flavour to match its colour: lemon on the top, then red velvet, blueberry and corgette-pistachio for the other tiers.


5. Lego lovers

If you love lego why not create minature lookalikes to sit atop a cake bedecked in colourful building blocks? This form of personalisation adds an element of nostalgia and is perfect for a retro-themed wedding.


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6. Quote topper

This cake was made by 'Blushing Cook', Sammi Jo-Gascoyne, for a couple who were childhood sweethearts. The bride explained how her future fiancé had told her: “It was always you”. They wanted this on top of their dream cake along with a huge fairytale cascade of flowers and butterflies to make their dream wedding cake a reality.


7.  Pretty initials

Sweet and simple, initials are a quick and easy way to customise your cake. Add a touch of sparkle or relfect a rustic theme with wooden letters and let everyone know exactly whose big day it is.


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8. Sentimental snaps

Beautiful photos of moments shared make for a stunning topper idea and will remind you and your wedding guests of your love story to date.


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9. Say it with a stand

If you want to opt for a no-frills wedding cake, personalise its stand instead. Tree stumps carved with your initials or names are impactful and perfectly complement a rustic theme, while providing a beautiful keepsake when the cake has been eaten.


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10. The beauty of books

If you and your partner are bookworms or just want an eye-catching cake that allows for customisation, why not consider a book tower? The books can feature the titles of literary greats that you love as a couple, or you can even create titles based on your own love story.

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