10 ways to accessorise your wedding dress

04 Apr 2017

Looking for the finishing touches to complete your wedding day ensemble? Here are 10 accessory ideas...

Words: Lucy Turner

1. Veil

Why not start with the most classic accessory of all? Whenever you picture a bride, you instantly imagine a beautiful, elegant woman, head to toe in white, and her hair flowing alongside her veil. With more varieties and designs nowadays than ever before, the veil is more than just part of an outfit; it can become a statement all of its very own and it will always be timeless.


2. Headdress

From a delicate tiara to a practical hair comb, there is a hair accessory out there for every bride. Mix it up with pastel florals or choose a classic circlet with shiny gems and/or pearls for the final flourish to your overall look. 


3. Cape/shawl

A perfect choice for both a summer or winter wedding - a cape or shawl offers an alternative to a long-sleeved dress and can also be used to modernise the traditional wedding gown. The ideal accessory for keeping warm throughout the day or when the evening draws in, a cape will add a touch of glamour and sophistication.


4. Jacket

Bridal jackets can be one of the most detailed pieces of clothing, adorned with beads and gems and/or intricately embellished. The perfect choice for a bride that has chosen a more minimalistic gown or, conversely, a simple jacket can be paired with a heavily detailed dress.


5. Shoes

It doesn't matter if the dress features a cathedral-length train or a vintage short skirt, the wedding shoes are still a vital accessory and will be treasured for years to come. A kitten heel in ivory satin is a popular traditional choice, or shoes in a bold colour can really serve to express personality.


6. Bag

A necessity it may be, but a bag is also an accessory... so practicality must not overshadow glamour on the big day. Over-the-shoulder with a slinky chain, a drawstring purse or a chic clutch bag are all options to ensure that the everyday essential will add elegance, rather than take it away. 


ASOS BRIDAL Pearl Embellished Pouch Clutch Bag

7. Belt

Initially, wearing a belt with a wedding dress seems abnormal but sometimes it is the best add-on to enhance and express the bride’s personal style while cinching in the waist. Embellished with sparkling crystals and shimmering pearls, or even the effortlessness of a simple ribbon, can go along way in tying your wedding gown together.


8. Brooch

Although some may think of brooches as an accessory that should be left in the past or reserved for a vintage wedding, a brooch can subtly add glamour and beauty. Whether it exudes the sentimentality of a family heirloom, or is brand new and full of fantasy, a brooch is a charming way to add interest.


9. Earrings

Earrings are an everyday accessory for some people, but that doesn't stop them from being an important option for wedding dress additions. Delicate diamante studs and extravagant hanging earrings are a beautiful way to bring your bridal look to life, and are the perfect complement for an up-do.


10. Bracelet or cuff

One last touch that can really make your wedding dress shine with elegance is wrist wear. To highlight your manicure, a delicate silver chain or a vintage watch is a great choice. Otherwise, to create a more bold statement, a cuff around the wrist will secure a glamorous look or a simple band worn higher up the forearm will fulfil the boho trend.


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