10 types of bride; which one are you?

18 May 2017

Everyone is different and planning a wedding will encourage your true colours to shine through; what type of bride are you?

1. The perfectionist

You have drawn up spreadsheets upon spreadsheets to ensure your big day goes without a hitch and you've strictly instructed the wedding planner to take a back seat. Just remember not to get too caught up in the finer details and enjoy your wedding (and the planning) for all it's worth.

2. The worrier

Ever the pessimist, you have thought about every possible eventuality and have a multitude of plan Bs up your sleeve. Every bride experiences the pre-wedding day jitters but yours top the Richter scale. Come the wedding day, try to put your worries to the back of your mind and have a dose of Rescue Remedy on standby. 

3. The party queen

You won't have your big day any other way. This is the one moment you have been waiting for to let your hair down, hitch your dress high and own that dancefloor like nobody's watching. Your wedding planning style will involve copious amounts of champagne and your hen do will rival your big day in celebratory antics. 

4. The people-pleaser

Keeping everyone happy is what you do best and you will calmly and collectedly mediate any confrontations that arise between friends and family members. However, try to keep in mind that this day is about you and your partner - no-one else.

5. The serial spender

Your wedding budget has gone out the window and you're blowing cash left, right and centre. You are blind to the credit card receipts mounting up; all that matters is you and your bottomless bank account. Make an effort to keep track of your spending with Bride's Budget Tracker and the post-wedding blues won't be so bad after all. 

6. The emotional wreck

Whether tears of joy or tears of stress, you can't help but blub at any given opportunity. Keeping Kleenex in business, you are armed with tissues wherever you go while wedding planning. Come the big day, just take a deep breath and don't let your emotions get the better of you... and wear lashings of waterproof mascara.

7. The focused female

You've had a vision of what your wedding day will look like since you can remember and now you've got the rock, you're on a mission to make it happen. Determined to turn your special day around in 24 hours, you're fiercely ambitious and will stop at nothing to get the job done.

8. The last-minute lady

However much you plan, when it comes to getting things sorted you're the worst at it. Booking suppliers, finding your dream dress and sending out your invitations will be left to the very last minute, but somehow you have a very fortunate way of pulling it off in the end. 

9. The hopeless romantic

Living in a little bubble of loveliness, you couldn't be happier that you are planning your wedding to the one you love. With Cinderella as your idol, your fairytale is as you'd always imagined it and now you're on a quest to create your happily every after - relishing in the gushing compliments, the oh-so wonderful wedding dresses, and the sickening sweetness it brings.

10. The bridezilla

The dreaded bridezilla lives in all of us, and it can only take one short nerve to unleash the beast. Keep your diva demands in check and your mood swings on lockdown, while watching out for these 10 sure-fire signs that your inner bridezilla has come knocking


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