10 Tips to Avoid Winter Wedding Mishaps

04 Nov 2015

Although snow-covered trees, candle-lit venues and log fires can create a beautiful setting at winter weddings, skin and hair will need some TLC before the event arrives. Ensure youre prepared to look your best with these seasonal top tips

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Appearing like a perfectly-preened snow princess on your wedding day will most likely be high on the bridal agenda. And there are some simple steps to help winter brides avoid mishaps, because lets face it, we know youd rather look like a vision in white than a dishevelled ice queen.

Simple suggestions such as drinking more water and deep conditioning your hair could be the key to preventing winter wedding blunders. Hair and beauty experts from Hairtrade.com have listed their top 10 tips to help you avoid those problems you may not have even considered.


Hair and beauty expert Joanne Dodds from Hairtrade.com says: Winter weddings are stunning but they definitely create a few more problems than a summer wedding.

Our list is to help brides have the wedding of their dreams without being put off by the potential dangers created by the cold and temperamental weather.

From making sure the flowers in your hair can withstand the cold to making sure youre ready for honeymoon, our tips have got you covered, she says.

1. Warm coat
The importance of having a warm, stylish coat cant be emphasised enough for a winter wedding. Ensure you have one you love just as much as your dress as youll be surprised by how much youll end up wearing it.

2. Boots for photos
Those strappy sandals might look beautiful but are going to be treacherous when dealing with snow, mud and, potentially, ice. Have some sensible boots in the car that you can wear if needed.

3. Dry skin
Cold weather makes skin dry out so drink plenty of water and moisturise your skin before the big day. Already have naturally dry skin? Tell your make-up artist in advance that it might be worse due to the weather.

4. Flowers in your hair
No wedding is complete without flowers and the current trend is to have as many as possible. If youre planning on having a floral do, choose winter blossoms that will survive the cold weather without wilting, such as snowdrops or winter aconites.

5. Coloured hair
People often relate dry hair with summer when its actually cold temperatures that can really cause problems. Use deep-conditioning hair masks in the two weeks leading up to the big day to keep hair nourished.

6. Avoiding a cold

If your wedding is in a cold month then the chances of having the sniffles are greatly increased. To avoid having a red nose on the big day, eat plenty of fruit and veg to build up your immune system and wash hands regularly to avoid catching anything.

7. Make-up artist or hairdresser getting caught in snow
Theres always the possibility of something going wrong on the day, but in winter the chances are slightly heightened due to the weather. If the worst should happen and your make-up artist or hairdresser gets delayed, ensure you have a calm bridesmaid who knows the look you desire and how to achieve it.

8. Red cheeks
If the cold weather makes cheeks go a bit rosier than usual then youll want to make sure you avoid looking too flushed on the big day. Wear foundation with plenty of coverage and have bridesmaids on hand to tell you when a top-up is due.

9. Fake tan for honeymoon
If youre fortunate enough to be jetting off somewhere warm for your honeymoon ensure youve been fake tanning in the run-up to the big day. Use a gradual fake tan that will look natural and streak-free.

10. Rain or snow
The weather in winter can be even more unpredictable than in the summer so be prepared for everything. Make it the job of one of your ushers to have an umbrella ready for you at all times and check hair is meticulously set in place to stop it falling out should it become wet.




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