10 tips for your romantic New Caledonia honeymoon

17 Jul 2017

Heading to breathtaking New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean? Here are a few must-dos on your honeymoon checklist for this love-laden journey

Image: Pinterest/ Words: Marie Nieves

Comprising a collection of islands in the South Pacific, New Caledonia is a French territory known for its palm-lined beaches and marine-life-rich lagoon. Find out what else this divine destination has to offer....

1. Dive with the giants of the ocean

The June to September travellers will have the chance to celebrate taking the plunge by doing precisely that, and among the friendly titans of the big blue, no less. Join the humpbacks in the lagoon for a friendly swim.


Image: Pinterest

2. Kayak the Forgotten Coast

Wherever you look, more beauty awaits. From the emerald inland peaks, the soft blue horizon and the colorful underwater coral reef, to the crisp white sandy shores, kayaking and snorkeling along the Forgotten Coast is a must.


Image; Heart of Voh, New Caledonia: Pinterest

3. A bird's eye view

Hop on a chopper from Noumea Magenta and prepare to be dazzled by the famous Heart of Voh, the stunning swamp formation of mangroves visible only from the air.


Image: Pinterest

4. Horseback riding the mainland

The locals claim that the best way to see the Grand Terre is on a horse, so saddle up and ride through the villages of Thio, Noumea and La Foa among others.


Image; Grotte, New Caledonia: Pinterest

5. Explore Grotte de la Reine Hortense

A dark tunnel carved in the limestone cliffs, the Grotte is filled with lush tropical plants, and it offers a uniquely surreal vista of the island.


Image; Tjibaou, New Caledonia: Pinterest

6. Taste the local culture

Both Tjibaou Cultural Centre and the New Caledonia Museum are filled with authentic indigenous culture that will enrich your stay through various performances, sculptures, paintings and artifacts.


Image; Isle of Pines, New Caledonia: Pinterest

7. Visit Eden on Earth

Often described as the closest place to paradise we could ever see, the magical Isle of Pines is a treasure trove of translucent waters, dreamy beaches, archeological ruins and lush greenery, all of which justify its reputation.


Image; Noumea, New Caledonia: Source

8. Bask in the sun at Baie de Citrons

The quintessence of joie de vivre, the Lemon Bay is a tiny world of French experiences cradled in the tropical embrace of the island’s most beautiful shore, including restaurants, palm groves and sandy beaches.


Image; Turtle Bay, New Caledonia: Pinterest

9. Flock with the cool gang

Just off the coast of the paradise island, you can visit the islets where turtles and dolphins swirl, feed and swim, and you can join a guided tour to the Turtle Bay and Brush Island where these gatherings occur.


Image; Mont-Dore, New Caledonia: Pinterest

10. Hike the rainforest

If you have the time, go to both East and West Coast and you’ll be greeted with opulent foliage, the summit of Mont-Dore, the panoramic views of the ocean’s endless blues, and the timeless coastal strips of sand.


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