10 Tips on How to Throw a Fabulous Wedding Party

19 Feb 2016

Not all brides and grooms are expert event planners from the get-go, so we’ve teamed up with Pudding Bridge to offer 10 need-to-know tips on how to master the art of throwing a fabulous wedding party 

A phenomenal wedding day has all the hallmarks of meticulous event planning, with timings, decor, theme, food and entertainment all carefully considered. And there are a number of steps brides and grooms can take themselves to ensure a seamless celebration and a fabulous wedding.

Helen Hopkins, founder of hire company Pudding Bridge which supplies decorative items for stylish weddings and events throughout the UK, offers her advice.

"Having spent more than 10 years managing charity events in London and the South West before founding my own business, I know just how much hard work and attention to detail is required to create a truly fabulous celebration,” says Helen. “A wedding party is no different. If anything, it calls for even more organisation and planning.

“With so many big decisions to make, it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, I've got some top tips that are guaranteed to help you figure out your priorities and relieve some of the pressure in the run-up to your big day,” Helen adds. “With my help, you can focus on the most important thing of all; saying 'I do’.”

Read on to discover how to throw a fabulous wedding party.

1. Make a statement

Create areas within your venue that will really wow your guests. A floral backdrop for the ceremony itself or dazzling sequinned linen for your cake table should do the trick.

2. Focus on food and drink

There are so many amazing ways to style those all-important drinks and snacks. People eat with their eyes, so you really can go all out. Why not set up a cocktail bar, create a doughnut stand or hire food trucks to serve your guests outside?

3. Keep guests entertained

There's a lot of waiting around at weddings. While you're off having photos taken, keep your guests busy with something they'll remember forever. Live music, burlesque dancers and even magicians are all great options.

4. Consider the season

Throwing a winter wedding? Your guests might appreciate cosy blankets and mugs of hot chocolate. If you're celebrating in the summer, why not organise an ice-cream van to surprise everyone after the ceremony? Thoughtful touches like this never fail to leave a lasting impression.      

5. Stay true to you

In my experience, weddings that reflect a couple's own passions and interests are always fabulous, no matter what. Focus on the aspects of the day that mean the most to you and you can't go wrong.

6. Create a timeline

Walk through the whole day in your head, working out what will happen when. Talk to your venue for a guide and make sure those that need to, know the order of events.

7. Stay in touch

I'd always advise contacting suppliers a week before the wedding to check-in and confirm the all-important details. Double check that they have everything they need and remember to give them an emergency telephone number other than yours. You'll be far too busy to deal with other issues on the day.

8. Do a handover

Give all the important information and contact details to the people who might need them. Ushers, best men or bridesmaids should be able to field any niggling little questions that pop up on the day.

9. Document the day

Never, ever, scrimp on your photography. Once the confetti has settled and you've eaten the leftover wedding cake, your photos will be all that's left to help you remember the day. Involve guests by setting up your own photobooth. Once the drinks start flowing, you'll end up with some brilliant shots that really capture the fun.    

10. Enjoy it!

Don't worry about the little details on the day. Chill out and relish every moment.


Founded by Helen Hopkins, Pudding Bridge is a hire company supplying decorative items for stylish weddings and events throughout the UK.


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