10 Tips for Becoming the Ultimate Organised Bride

30 Nov 2015

Is your wedding becoming an unruly beast that needs keeping in check? Don’t stress: we can help. Being an organised bride takes time and the right mindset, but with these tools and tips you’ll be well on your way to being a super-efficient bride-to-be

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Image gallery

1. Research suppliers

Finding your dream wedding suppliers requires research, or digging for information from friends and family who can recommend great companies. Always check out a supplier online, as scanning through their portfolio and galleries might spur your own ideas. Wedding blogs can also be an informative and interesting way of discovering suppliers. Be sure to enquire what is and isn’t included in a wedding package too.


2. Wedding planning apps

There are plenty of wedding planning apps out there to help with your creation, one of them being Bride’s own here. Compiling wedding suppliers, bridal fashion, menswear, accessories, jewellery, beauty advice and more, a world of inspiration will be at your fingertips. With all that technology out there to help wedding planning become a breeze, it’d be a shame not to use one of them.

3. Lists

Wunderlist and other apps such as Evernote allow you to share and collect lists, pictures, notes, handwritten ideas and reminders. So, if you spot a gorgeous floral arrangement in a magazine, snap it, add it to Evernote and then share with your bridesmaids, mum, or the groom (depending on how involved they are). Remember to prioritise and keep your time scales and budget in mind. List everything from what kind of evening reception you might like, to what dress code you might prefer and possible colour schemes.


4. Pinterest

An online scrapbook tool with endless reams of dreamy photography, Pinterest is a visual feast for any creative person. Create boards for each aspect of the wedding: hair, make-up, decorations, stationery and whatever else you think you need inspiration for. It’s an easy way to create a shareable online collage, and trust us, once you start pinning, you won’t stop. Type ‘colour palette’ in the search bar and choose from a rainbow of colour themes for a wedding with helpful suggestions including ‘vintage’, ‘winter’, ‘rustic’ and ‘wedding’ to inspire. Check out our Pinterest account here.

5. Diarise appointments

Chances are venue viewings, meetings with suppliers and calls with wedding planners can take up quite a bit of your spare time in the countdown before the wedding, so add all these appointments to your dairy, inviting your other half if you need them to attend too. Make appointments fun and not like a business meeting. Remember this is a special time and it should be enjoyable.


6. Clean-up plan

The day after a joyous wedding, you might hit reality with a bump if you spend your first day of wedded bliss cleaning up after a raucous celebration. Suss out whether the venue takes care of this, or whether some of your lovely friends and family might be able to help if that isn’t an option. Ensure people know if you need help with anything. More often than not they will be happy to help if they know your dream wedding team is a bit thin on the ground. 

7. Spreadsheets…

The ’s’ word usually makes anyone’s eyes roll (fact) and don’t get us wrong, spreadsheets aren’t the most glamorous, wedding-friendly way to keep tabs on critical pieces of information, but the fact is, they’re really helpful. Enter your budget and spending habits for the wedding so you’re both on the same page when it comes to finances. No one likes the aftermath of burying their head in the sand. Include photography, the ceremony, venue, decorations, stationery… in fact everything (even if your friends are helping you out with some of it). Consider whether you need to offer food to the photographer and videographer, the band, etc. and note it down so you’re left feeling calm and in control. If you can afford it, having a buffer within the budget could help if you do accidentally overspend. 


8. Create a timeline for the big day

At the risk of appearing like Monica from Friends, jot down the running order for the day and share it with everyone involved in your wedding. You’ll feel much more in control if you’ve considered all the timings. What time are you having your hair and make-up done? (leave a large enough window for this), and what time you want your bridesmaids to arrive? This will help no end with the photographer’s plans, the venue, caterers and more.

9. Transportation

We know this sounds like a given, but do always consider your guests and their needs. If they’re travelling a long way, think about transport options and offer the number of a local taxi firm, perhaps calling the company ahead in advance so they can expect a large number of bookings.

10. The after (wedding) party

you’re married! Yes, you are, but don’t forget to send thank you notes as if they’re late it will leave you feeling stressed out. Get organised and arrange these as soon as possible. Hopefully your guests will have labeled their gifts so you know who bought which present.



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