10 Spring 2016 Confetti Colour Trends

22 Jan 2016

From bright petals to subtle nude blooms, we’ve got the top confetti colour trends for Spring 2016 from confetti specialists Shropshire Petals.

Wedding colour trends change each year and season, and this spring the in colours are vivid brights mixed with subtle nudes and hints of pastels. Whether you choose just one colour as your wedding theme, or a selection of colours, a there is a confetti mix for every couple. Shropshire Petals share 2016’s top spring confetti colours.

1. Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the colour of the year. This gentle tone conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Our recommendation to match this pretty colour is Candyfloss delphinium petals. Rose Quartz pairs well with Serenity, Peach Echo and Lilac Grey. To include all of these colours, an excellent mix would be Candyfloss, Frosted Blue and Lady Grey delphinium petals with Promise rose petals.

2. Peach Echo


Peach Echo is a warm shade of orange, perfect for being playful with colours. Our recommendation would be our Coral Reef confetti mix, which includes hints of orange, pink and ivory. It can be difficult to find all of the details you want in your colour scheme so including different shades around your chosen colour gives you more freedom when it comes to choosing details.

3. Serenity


Serenity is weightless and airy, with its smooth tone, just like the sky, it’s a calming colour that’s perfect for a wedding. For a bold colour splash on your wedding day, Serenity pairs well with Peach Echo, Snorkel Blue and Buttercup. Our recommendation for a great confetti moment would be to mix these colours together using Candyfloss, Frosted Blue, Ivory and Golden Slumber.


For a more subtle mix, the perfect blend would be Icing Sugar, Duck Egg and Golden Slumber.

4. Snorkel Blue


This is a tone bursting with energy. Part of the navy family, Snorkel Blue is perfect combined with Ivory for a simple, yet bold wedding theme. Add as much or as little colour as you wish. Our recommendation is our Something Blue. Snorkel Blue pairs well with Buttercup, Iced Coffee and Peach Echo.

5. Buttercup


A sunny, happy shade of yellow, this is perfect for a spring wedding. The stunning colour can be dressed up by pairing it with other colours such as, Serenity, Snorkel Blue and Lilac Grey.  To tone it down, mix it with ivory or paler shades. Our recommendation is our bright Sunshine Kisses mix of Honey’b calendula petals and Icing Sugar delphiniums.

6. Limpet Shell Weather 


This is a crisp, clear, clean and defined shade of green. This modern tone evokes tranquility and freshness, perfect for a subtle wedding theme, with a hint of colour. It will be difficult to match every detail with this colour, so why not combine it with Peach Echo, Rose Quartz or Iced Coffee.


Our recommendation for confetti would be a contrast in colours, picking a few pastel shades to compliment such as our Summer Nights, or even Icing Sugar on its own.

7. Lilac Grey


Lilac Grey is an edgy neutral shade of grey, great for vintage weddings. Our recommendation would be to mix this lovely grey tone with ivory in our Winters Morn delphinium petals.  Add a touch of Serenity and Rose Quartz if you want more colours in your confetti photo with the Vintage Daydream mix.  Lilac Grey also pairs well with Green Flash, Fiesta and Iced Coffee.

8. Fiesta 


This is an exciting fiery, strong tone, which provides a stark contrast to the more calming colours. Fiesta pairs well with Green Flash – our recommendation would be to add green and ivory for a striking confetti mix, such as a pick and mix of Icing Sugar, Envy and Romeo and Juliet, which will really stand out on photos.  Fiesta also pairs well with Snorkel Blue and Limpet Shell.

9. Iced Coffee 


This shade is a transitional colour that will take us through the seasons, so expect to see this around all year. The soft and subtle shade works well mixed with Serenity, Rose Quartz and Lilac Grey. Our recommendation would be to combine other subtle colours, such as a pick and mix of Icing Sugar and Frosted Blue delphiniums, adding some Delilah rose petals. These colours work really well for vintage weddings and allow you to combine other neutral shades, without colours being overbearing.

10. Green Flash


A vivid, fresh tone, perfect for spring. It pairs well with Snorkel Blue, Limpet Shell and Serenity. If you would like strong colours, our recommendation would be a pick and mix of Midnight Blue and Envy.


However, for something less bold, a mix of Icing Sugar, Something Blue and Envy would work perfectly.


For more inspirational confetti ideas, visit www.shropshirepetals.com

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