10 reasons why blogging is good for business

26 Jun 2018

Offering another string to your business bow, Bride's digital editor, Sarah George, explores the business benefits of hosting an online blog

Image: Corinne Kutz via Unsplash

In a digital age where technologies are in a constant state of flux, there is no better time to embrace the online world. However, simply having a website and presence on social media is no longer enough; businesses should be updating their websites and social media with fresh and engaging content that will keep clients coming back for more. After all, content is king.

Blogging is one such way that you can do this. By hosting a blog area on your website, you can create a dedicated space for content that you can keep updated as often as you can. While most business owners will claim that they simply don’t have the time to commit to a regular blog, there is no harm in giving it a go and seeing how easily you can slot it in to your typical working week. If you are fortunate enough to have an expert team, you could even delegate the job out and ask them to post to the blog on your behalf.

The business benefits of blogging are vast and until you try it and monitor subsequent business performance, you will never realise its full potential. Here, we list 10 of the reasons why you should set up a business blog…

1. Builds brand identity

Brand identity should infiltrate all touch points of your business – from your shop window to your Pinterest page, and your blog is no exception. Establish your core brand values, your key sales messages and how you want to be perceived by the outside world before drawing up a list of blog topics which are consistent in style and tone. 

2. Adds personalisation

By giving your business a ‘voice’, your brand a ‘face’ and by adding personality to your posts, you break down any boundaries between the client and your business. Use conversational language but avoid colloquialisms and always check spelling and grammar (the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome is a good tool to use).

3. Showcases your expertise

As well as personalising your business, a blog will serve to position you as an authority in your field. Have confidence in your expertise and speak to your audience as you would to your clients in-person, offering direction and guidance at every opportunity. This gains trust from both loyal and prospective clients.

4. Improves SEO

Ultimately, you want to get your blog content seen and heard. You can do this by sharing on social media with your existing audience, but what about those prospective clients who you have no way of targeting unless you pay for the privilege? Step in the search engines. By using keywords in the search terms associated with each blog post you can better expose your website in search results. Googlebots crawl websites looking for content to build a searchable index, so quality unique content that is well written and is peppered (not ‘stuffed’) with keywords will score highly.

5. Increases traffic

In line with improved SEO, you will see web traffic increase. When offering frequent content or opinion on a topic of interest, you will see web traffic increase over time which in turn boosts conversion rates. Make a note of the date that you start blogging and see how your traffic improves from this date onwards.

6. Generates discussion

Extend the conversation to your audience and encourage interaction by choosing topics that invite feedback. Ask questions or begin a (non-heated) debate to engage your audience. Remember that opinionated posts should sit in line with your brand identity and shouldn’t court controversy that could be detrimental to your business. Be sensitive in your approach if airing opinions and offer a balanced viewpoint that considers the thoughts of others.

7. Keeps content fresh

Google loves fresh content and this will considerably improve your search engine rankings. Think of new and engaging angles that set your business apart from the competition and start to carve out a content niche for your business. Intersperse your text with unique images rather than stock photos and use embedded Youtube videos or Instagram posts to illustrate your topics.

8. Offers a timely space

Want to shout about the latest wedding trends? Wish to pass comment on a recent celebrity wedding? Eager to show off the results of a styled photo shoot? A blog offers the perfect place to share newsworthy items.

9. Creates internal links

Link-building is crucial to growing business visibility online. Inbound links and outbound links are important when trying to improve organic SEO, as explained here by www.webconfs.com:

Outbound links start from your site and lead to an external site, while inbound links or backlinks, come from an external site to yours.

Internal links are also important in improving search engine rankings and link to areas within your own website which may be of use or interest, further streamlining the user journey. Ensure the anchor text i.e. the words you use to hyperlink, are clear and concise when linking to another area of the website as these get picked up by Google bots and contribute to SEO too. 

10. Offers an element of fun

Blogging should not be thought of as a chore; it should be a fun way to communicate your passion for and knowledge of the weddings industry. Blogging is a great task to get done when you’re looking for a little light relief from the mundane and laborious tasks that running your own business brings. Sit down in a quiet environment free of distractions, switch off from the outside world and switch on your blogging device, then let the words flow. 

How did blogging benefit your business? We want to hear from you; email sarah.george@archant.co.uk

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