10 reasons to go for a floral wedding dress

24 Nov 2016

Florals are big business for brides looking to marry in 2017. Here's why a floral wedding dress could be the perfect choice...

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Image gallery

The floral print wedding gown is here to stay and many brides have embraced the floral trend that is spreading to the UK. Charlotte Balbier's Untamed Love collection celebrates the blooming trend and here are 10 reasons why floral is the way forward.

1. Rip up the rule book

There is absolutely no rule to say you need to stick to whites and ivories for your wedding day.  Some brides may have their complexion completely wiped out by whites and ivories, so it may be time to send up the white flag and try some floral delights and colour.

2. Be creative

You can get creative with your wedding day, from garden-inspired prints to elegant illustration style designs and vibrant watercolour-esque dresses. Going floral can say anything from 'statement' to 'traditional with a twist'.

3. Create a talking point

Want to make your dress memorable? Then go floral. Your floral gown will be talked about long after the wedding day and will be a dress to be remember.


4. Theme it

You can theme the whole wedding day around your floral bridal gown. Everything from the floral arrangements and colours to the bridal stationery and wedding cake, can follow suit. You can even match up the colours with the bridesmaids' gowns.

5. Give your guests a teaser

Build up anticipation for your big day by announcing your decision to be different. As soon as your wedding guests hear you are breaking the norm and tradition of an ivory gown, they will be eager to see your dress.

6. Add colour and interest

Soft, delicate and pretty floral prints work beautifully for a wedding dress, combined with a dreamy colour palette. Floral versus ivory can really lift the whole wedding day and make your guests smile.

7. Dare to be different

You can rock the floral bridal trend even further with the Charlotte Balbier posy floral two-piece bridal gown. A separates outfit will give the bride a super chic look and can be quite cost-effective compared to traditional wedding gowns.


8. Fabulous photographs

The photography of brides in floral bridal gowns is simply stunning. A bride wearing a floral bridal dress stands out so much in photographs and you can achieve a super ethereal look when shot amid forestry or nature.

9. Bohemian bride

Embrace boho with your floral gown matched with a head-crown of real flowers for the ultimate floral look.

10. Champion the trend

Give fellow brides-to-be some food for thought by embracing the trend in its entirety and defying convention. If you feel comfortable and confident in your dress, then other brides will consider the trend too.



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