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10 new brands you can add to your Prezola wedding gift list

14 Dec 2017

Offering a whole host of new partner brands for 2018, Prezola is poised to create even bigger and better gift lists than ever before

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Prezola is the modern wedding gift list and not only has it added a whole range of amazing new brands available for your registry, but the new group gifting feature will take away the big price tag and make gifting even easier for guests. Launching in February, group gifting allows multiple guests to contribute to a gift with an amount of their choice - so there's no stopping you from adding all the luxury items you really want. Here are 10 major brands that you can now add to your Prezola gift list and are perfect for group gifting.

1. Smeg

The iconic Smeg fridge can be yours along with the entire collection of Smeg kitchen appliances. 



Looking to upgrade your living room furniture? This brand is exclusive to Prezola and can't be found on any other gift list.


3. GoPro

Perfect for capturing honeymoon memories whether you're surfing in the sea, hiking in the jungle or exploring new cities, GoPro is the go-to gadget for honeymooners. 


4. FitBit

Couples who sweat together, stay together and with the fitness craze going strong, FitBits make the perfect gift - in sickness and in health.



Everyone's favourite homeware website now has its products on Prezola. Upgrade each room in your newlywed home with stylish furniture.


6. Mr & Mrs Smith

Stay in luxury boutique hotels across the UK and abroad and have your mini-moon plans sorted.


7. Virgin Experience Days

From UK stays and adrenaline days to relaxing spas and romantic dinners, build up your mini-moon or have date night activities sorted for newlywed life.


8. Eve Mattress

Dubbed the best mattress in the world, add this to your gift list for the perfect slumber each night.


9. Orient Express

A major bucket list item to tick off, relax in pure luxury as you wine and dine on the famous Orient Express - an amazing way to celebrate your newlywed status. 


10. Smart home tech 

Turn your home into a technological hub with amazing brands on your gift list including Google Home, Amazon Echo, Phillips Hue and Hive. Control your entire house from your mobile and have smug face for life.

For a limited time only, Prezola is offering gifts and cash all on one list for free so there's no charges for couples. Prezola offers free standard delivery and there are no commission fees, third parties or hidden costs - 100% of your cash funds come to you. Create your list for free at