10 must-have items for your bridal survival kit

24 Dec 2021

Take a look at these products that you need to have on hand throughout your wedding day

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Your special day is a once in a lifetime experience, so it’s only natural you want to look and feel amazing throughout the day. Keep a small bag on hand with these must-have items to stay fresh on your wedding day. 

Blotting paper 

An ideal addition if you tend to have an oilier skin type. If your face is prone to an afternoon shine, be at the ready with some blotting paper. This way, you can eliminate any extra shine that may build up on your face throughout the day.  


Keep your lipstick on hand for any touch-ups needed, especially after eating and drinking. Use a compact mirror to keep an eye on your make-up before photos so you can make any touch-ups to your lipstick if necessary.  


Lip balm 

Another lip product to consider is lip balm. This is ideal to keep your lips hydrated in the winter months. If you’re going for a subtle, natural make-up look on your wedding day, opt for a tinted lip balm to add to your survival kit.



You never know what might set you off on your wedding day; the waterworks could hit you as you walk down the aisle, or those hard-hitting speeches from family and friends could make the tears flow. Your wedding could be an especially emotional day if it has been delayed or rescheduled due to the pandemic. A culmination of months and even years of planning could allow your emotions to get the better of you on your special day. Whatever it may be, keep some tissues in your survival kit, just in case.  


Hair pins 

There won’t be a hair out of place if you keep a few extra hair pins in your survival bag. Your wedding is a long day and natural day-to-day movements or tearing up the dancefloor could cause your hairdo to slip out of place. Keep some hair pins on hand in case you need to secure your hair in place throughout the big day.  


Deodorant or perfume 

It’s your special day, and not only do you want to look good, but you want to smell good, too. There’s lots of guest interaction, so keep a small roll-on deodorant or a little bottle of perfume available to spritz on your neck and wrists.  


Breath mints 

Make sure there are breath mints in your survival kit. A lot of your wedding day is taken up with mingling with your nearest and dearest, and so much talking can leave you prone to bad breath. Have some mints on hand to look and smell minty fresh.

Pain medication 

It could be allergy related, it could be the stress of the big day, or it could just come out of the blue, but a headache is not what you need on your big day. Have some over-the-counter pain medication in your go-to survival kit for any headaches that rear their ugly head.  

Band aids 

If your shoes are new and you're kicking up a storm on the dance floor, you might find your shoes rubbing at your feet. Don’t let blisters stop you in your tracks; make sure to pack some plasters in your survival kit.  


Safety pins 

It’s always best to prepare for the worst, and in case of an unexpected gown malfunction or dress tear, have a safety pin or two on hand. Whether it is for yourself or your bridal party, you’ll be glad to have some safety pins at the ready.  

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