10 marquee wedding décor ideas

31 Aug 2017

A marquee offers the perfect blank canvas for your wedding décor; here are 10 ideas to make your marquee memorable

Image gallery

Image gallery

1. Lighting

All marquees should feature mesmerising lighting that brings the space to life as the evening draws in. Festoon lighting is particularly preferential as it can be easily manipulated to drape overhead for a magical canopy effect, or entwined around the wooden beams of a tipi for a fairytale finish. LED birdcage lanterns positioned around the marquee or dancefloor and carnival LOVE or MR & MRS letters will add to the illuminated effect, while creating beautiful backdrops for the wedding photographs.


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2. Bunting

For summertime receptions and rustic weddings, colourful bunting is a quick and easy way to add interest to your marquee setting. An opportunity for a DIY project, bunting is also a perfect way to harness your colour scheme; opt for a mixture of block colours and/or prints to break up the colour sequence.


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3. Florals and greenery

Bring the beauty of the outdoors in with floral arrangements that complement your bouquet. From table centrepieces to suspended structures, the options are endless with flowers. If your budget can allow it, a flower ceiling or wall will add a touch of luxury to proceedings. Greenery can also look magnificent as a theme throughout the marquee; request a show-stopping ceiling centrepiece and succulents as table additions.


Image: The Pearl Tent Company


Image: Jasmine Jade Photography via Jades Flowers

4. Colour

How about a fusion of Indian, Moroccan, and/or Scottish colour? Lindsey at Get Knotted says: “Using lots of colour is key when decorating a marquee for a fusion trend. For the table décor, place colourful flowers (roses, callistephus, carnations, gerbera, delphiniums, crysanths, snapdragons and dahlias) in terracotta pots, brass candlesticks and coloured jewelled Moroccan glasses with tealights for a vibrant look.”

“Complete the display by placing fresh autumn fruits and berries including strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, artichokes, grapes and figs, which will give a beautiful scent and enhance the colourful theme. Finish the look by hanging colourful Indian and plain paper parasols from the ceiling.”


Image: Kevin Greenfield 

5. Paper lanterns and pom poms

Paper lanterns are a cost-effective way to give your marquee the wow factor when guests walk in. Again, think about your overall colour scheme and how you can incorporate this into your overhead arrangement. Opt for varying shades and sizes to create a dynamic display. Take a look at The Hanging Lantern Company for ideas.


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Similarly, paper pom poms offer a dazzling design element which also provides an element of fun. These can be easily created at home; just take a look at this tutorial.

6. Sashes, drapery and soft voile

Ethereal fabrics in muted tones that complement the colour of the marquee and your overall scheme, can deliver a beautiful aesthetic. Drape over the marquee lining on the ceiling and at the entrance, and consider fairy lighting underneath for a show-stopping finish and spell-binding glow come dusk.


Image: The Pearl Tent Company

7. Chandeliers

If your marquee centres on a focal point, then draw even more attention to your décor with a grandiose chandelier.  


Image: Mahood Marquees at Bride: The Wedding Show at Tatton Park

8. Hoops and ribbons

A central hoop or several suspended in the air will look breath-taking. Add ribbons and flowers for a May Day feel that echoes the seasonal transition from spring to summer.


Image: Elliston.com


Image: Tom Webber Photography via The Pearl Tent Company

9. Illuminated topiary

Twinkling trees are a firm favourite when creating an enchanting atmosphere within your marquee. Check out the LED blossom trees from ChristmasTreeWorld.co.uk, or speak to topiary suppliers who would be happy for you to adorn the trees in fairylights or hanging baubles.

10. Balloons

No longer are balloons reserved for children’s birthday parties; the inordinate options on offer mean they can be just as effective when incorporated into a marquee set-up too. Metallic finishes, confetti balloons and love letters are just some of the choices out there, all designed to give your wedding reception a luxurious touch.


Image: Shropshire Petals

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