10 great wedding gifts for men

29 Nov 2016

Don't forget about the groom. Give the main man a gift that marks his special day as much as the bride's

Words: Ryan Duffy

It seems that when we choose to purchase wedding gifts – whether it is a singular gift or two separate ones – the bride often seems to be at the forefront of our minds. Even though there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that, there are a number of gifts you can get that will keep the groom just as happy as the bride. Instead of going with the classic choices such as kitchen utensils or photo frames, have a look at some of these ideas that will help when getting a guy a gift for his wedding.

1. Tickets to watch his favourite team play

This is a gift that can be either just for the man or for the newlyweds to enjoy together… if they both happen to support the same team. The best thing about this type of gift is you know it won’t be one of those that just sit in a cupboard in their home gathering dust or worse yet, become part of a gift-cycle. Also, it ticks all the boxes as being meaningful, personal and, most importantly, useable.

2. A watch

A number of weddings are shrouded in tradition, so a great way to stick with this theme is to choose a conventional gift for the groom – and there certainly isn’t a shortage of items available. Arguably one of the best traditional gifts to get is a fine leather strapped watch. This is a gift that really oozes class and is a guarantee that it will be loved by the groom.

3. A hip flask

Another wonderful choice for a traditional gift is a timeless hip flask. There are many variations on offer and, similarly to a watch, if you choose to use a leather outer case it really adds to the traditional aspect of the gift. To ensure the gift is completely appreciated and cherished, wrap up the groom’s favourite drink and give it along with the flask or get the flask engraved with a personal message.

4. Cufflinks

One thing that sets cufflinks apart from the other traditional choices is that they can actually be bought for the groom to wear on the day of the wedding. You could even engrave the cufflinks with the date and create an instant memoir of the wedding day.

5. Clothes for him (and her)

Couples’ clothing doesn’t have to mean ‘I’m with him’ and ‘I’m with her’ t-shirts, or ‘his and her’ bathrobes. A great idea can be to get them clothing that matches their interests. For instance, if they both enjoy going camping or hiking then you may want to get them matching walking boots. If you are unaware of any shared interests, then clothing that the bride and groom can relax in at home, such as from unisex brands BOY London or Criminal Damage and which also feature ‘his and hers’ tracksuits, is a fail-safe option.

6. Honeymoon gifts

Get the groom a practical gift that he can use on honeymoon. Dependent on the location they choose, a warmer climate would welcome a stylish pair of sunglasses or a sunhat, while colder temperatures would invite a woolly hat or a pair of thermal socks.

7. Tongue-in-cheek

Depending on the type of relationship you have with the groom, a tongue-in-cheek gift can go down a storm. If you are a close friend of the groom, how about some grey hair dye to ‘prepare them for the future’ or a pair of handcuffs – symbolic of marriage or a reminder of your stag do antics?

8. A personalised drawing

Commission a sketch artist to draw a picture from a photograph of the couple – a more personal and thoughtful gesture than just a frame.

9. Personalised sportswear

This is a great option if you know that the groom has an interest in a particular sport. Football boots or a set of golf clubs which have his initials emblazoned on them will score you lots of praise.

10. The little things

When it comes to picking out a wedding gift, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money – men like the little things in life too and the best choice may actually be something that is homemade. If you’re the bride who is getting something for the groom, then you can give them something such as a hand-written letter about how much they mean to you (also the perfect idea for your first ‘paper’ anniversary). If you want to get more creative, you can collate a scrap book, filling out each page with one thing that makes them special to you.

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