10 Commandments of Bridal Eyebrows

20 Oct 2015

Strong and bold, or fine and delicate, eyebrows frame a brides face. Groomed brows are a classic way to help refine your finished bridal look. Learn how to sculpt them to perfection these 10 commandments from professional bridal make-up artist Julia Jeckell.

Photography by Key Reflections 

Image gallery

Image gallery

1. At least six months before your wedding day, find a recommended and reputable brow stylist such as Benefits Brow Bar. Have a full consultation and discuss all your requirements.

2. No matter what your preference the brow stylist should work with the natural line of your brow, creating a cleaner outline and a subtle change in the arch or length which can transform a face.


3. If youve over-plucked and need to grow them to obtain a fuller shape, do this with carefully scheduled appointments to tint, wax and pluck them into the perfect shapefor your face.

4. Make the last appointment no later than 7-10 days before the wedding, allowing any sensitivity and redness to calm down well before the big day.

5. Consider your wedding day look; if youre going for natural make-up (think glowing English rose) a slightly more groomed and darker brow will help frame the face. This also translates well in wedding photography.

6. Thinking of going for highlights and a stronger more glamorous make-up look? Take the brows down a notch and avoid dark or angular statement brows. Full brows may be great on Cara Delevingne or for a girls night out, but your wedding aisle is not a catwalk.


7. Consider your hair colour and let your make-up artist advise you of recommended brow products. To give a fuller look to thin brows I highly recommend a waterproof brow gel in a complementary shade.

8. If youve achieved your desired brow shape but still find them hard to tame, use a touch of clear brow gel or failing that, extra hold hairspray applied to a brow comb to set in place all day.

9. To really accentuate the brows, add a small amount of pale matt eyeshadow (such as Mylarby Mac) under the brow bone. Avoid heavy shimmer.

10. Defined brows are big news right now; however dont let them be the main feature. Your expression is in your eyes.

Hair and make-up by www.juliajeckell.co.uk
Bridalwear by www.kmrbespokebridal.co.uk


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