10 of the Very Best Wedding Films Ever Made

06 Jul 2015

A wedding, of course, is one of the most memorable and meaningful days of a person’s life. There’s elation, laughter, tears, flirting, embarrassing speeches and wince-inducing dancing. With emotions running this high, there’s a world of dramatic opportunity for the big screen. 

Kevin Hart plays a best man for hire in the new wedding comedy The Wedding Ringer (still below), released on Blu-ray and DVD this week, and we’ve decided to take a gander at our favourite ceremonies captured on film.


So grab some bubbly, nibbles and your dearest acquaintances before the big day to witness our round up of the ultimate wedding movies.

1. Wedding Crashers (2005, dir. David Dobkin)
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn indulge in one too many wedding mishaps in this pleasingly ridiculous ‘00s comedy classic. Our leading men crash weddings during the height of the season, with a hefty backlog of false anecdotes and identities, the leading men surprise themselves by meeting the women of their dreams.  



2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002, dir. Joel Zwick)
When a Greek bride falls in love with a non-Greek groom their respective families try their best to accept their differences. Amusing and heart-warming, this sweet film depicts a comic clash of cultures, and features excellent 80s-style puffy bridal sleeves.  



3.  The Five Year Engagement (2012, dir. Nicholas Stoller)
This isn’t so much about the wedding itself, more about the relationship that precedes it. Emily Blunt and Jason Segal play a loved up couple who keep postponing their wedding due to, well, life. An underrated and seriously likeable comedy that isn’t afraid to show how romance is sometimes remarkably un-romantic. Dakota Johnson and Chris Pratt also star before pinnacle Fifty-Shades and Jurassic World fame.



4.  Muriel’s Wedding (1994, dir. P.J. Hogan)
This ‘90s throwback stars Toni Colette in her break-out role as Muriel, a socially awkward small town girl who steals her dad’s cash to seek out her dream wedding. She moves to Sydney, climbs out of her shell and finally walks down the aisle feeling fabulous. A quintessentially Aussie comedy and surprise cult hit that still delights viewers twenty years on.



5.  Bridesmaids (2011, dir. Paul Feig)
This utter gem of a film couples the funniest women in Hollywood with a seriously sharp script. Kristen Wiig is splendid as the maid of honour with bittersweet feelings about her best friend tying the knot, Melissa McCarthy is predictably kick-ass and Rose Byrne is perfectly cast as a rich ice queen. Whoever women are the comically inferior gender needs to watch this immediately.



6.  Sex and the City (2008, dir. Michael Patrick King)
The wedding Carrie would have had with Big providing he hadn’t developed cold feet at the last minute was the sort of celebration one could only ever dream of. However, their low-key reunion at the finale serves to remind us that all that truly matters on the day is coming together to declare love.



7.  My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997, dir. P.J. Hogan)
Julia Roberts plays a woman who has fallen for her best friend, but he’s betrothed to another woman and she’s completely missed her chance. Her mission to become the object of his affections once again in the lead up to his wedding don’t go quite according to plan.



8.  The Wedding Planner (2001, dir. Adam Shankman)
Starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in his golden rom com years, before the prestigious Oscar wins, this formulaic but frankly essential wedding movie tells the story of a wedding planner who lands the biggest job of her career, only to fall for the groom.



9.  Father of the Bride (1991, dir. Charles Shyer)
Steve Martin plays a father struggling to accept his little girl has grown up in this sweet-natured and cheesy family classic. The lead up to the ceremony is a tad rocky but the end result in an all-out spectacular traditional home wedding in picturesque New England suburbia.

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10. Four Weddings and a Funeral
No wedding movie list would be complete without the definitive British romantic-comedy. Of the four weddings Hugh Grant politely stutters his way through, he’s stuck in a room with newlyweds consummating their marriage, placed on a table with all his exes and falls for a near-unattainable American. Although that’s all before he’s part of the singular most iconic kissing in the rain scene ever recorded on film.



The Wedding Ringer is out on DVD and Blu-ray on 6th July, check out the trailer:

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