10 amusing wedding gifts your guests will adore

11 Jul 2017

Glean inspiration for your favours and gifts for your guests with these top 10 ideas

Words: Luiza Kensell

Too often guests attend a wedding and then feel guilty when they decide to throw out the useless wedding favours. If you really want your wedding to stand out from all the rest, then find some indispensable, funny wedding gifts for your guests. There are a ton of amazing, hilarious wedding gifts that guests will love and appreciate. The following is a list of the top 10 gifts that your guests will laugh at and adore.

1. Personalised keepsake box

A personalised keepsake box is the perfect gift for the mother of the groom. On the outside it could say, 'Thank you for raising the man of my dreams' with a heart design. To make this gift lighthearted, the interior could be engraved with a funny memory or quote such as 'We don't have to say out loud that I am your favourite child.' You can find more gifts for mother of the groom here.


2. Personalised shot glasses or flask

Shot glasses or a flask can make for a perfectly fitting wedding gift for your guests. Every time they use it, they will think of you, and you can have them engraved and personalised. The words, 'We tied the knot, now take a shot' are always a favourite, humorous inscription. You can even have the shot glasses or flasks custom-made with your name and wedding date for an added personal touch.


3. Magnets

One unique wedding favour that your guests will love is a magnet. Not only are magnets fun, they are also useful - in more ways than you might think. You can create a funny version of this gift by handing out 'babe magnets', which are small magnets with faces on them and are seemingly used to attract dates. You could keep your guests talking and laughing with babe magnets of your friends' faces or famous good-looking celebrities.


4. Sunglasses

Guests will value a great pair of sunglasses at an outdoor wedding. When the sun is beaming down, they won't have to regret forgetting their own. This can be made into an amusing gift as a display, with a sign that says 'Do not get blinded by our love'. With multiple colours and creative designs, you can personalise this gift as much as you desire. 


5. Coasters

Coasters are an excellent way to gift an indispensable memory to your guests. You can add a touch of humour with charming photos of you and your friends and keep your guests laughing all night long.


6. Luggage tags

This unique wedding gift is perfect for guests at a destination wedding. Personalised luggage tags can be both functional and funny. Messages can include: 'Not your luggage dad' and 'My clothes will not fit you girl'.


7. Flip-flops for the ladies

Those female guests who wore heels will be extra appreciative of this gift. Position the flip-flops near the dancefloor for that moment when they're most needed. 


8. Bobble-head 

These bobble-heads can be personalised to look like your friends. Original and hilarious, your guests will be amazed that you thought of something so entertaining and will have the best time laughing at each other's mini-me. 


9. Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are an inventive way to keep your guests amused long after they go home. Featuring kitchen utensils and culinary goods, message ideas include: 'They see me rollin', they hatin', 'Chop it like it's hot', 'Whip it good', 'I like big Buns, and I cannot lie', and 'Don't go bacon my heart'.


10. Personalsed playing cards

Pair playing cards with a sign that says 'Don't let us have all the fun, find your ace tonight' and make your wedding a night to remember for all of your guests. Customised with your wedding date, these favours can help your guest reminisce every time they look at them.


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