A Cotswold Bride’s Wedding Gift List Experience: Honeymoon Funds & Gifts

29 Jul 2015

Is Prezola the perfect wedding gift list provider? If it is gifts alongside a honeymoon fund you’re after, then Cotswold bride Brooke Smith thinks it just might be…

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The needs of your modern-day couple are varied: gorgeous gifts are always welcome, but with the cost of weddings rising, monetary donations are becoming increasingly popular. “You want something that’s good value, flexible, easy to use and safe,” says Brooke Smith, who was married on 27th June 2015.  

There are many providers available, but after searching the market, Prezola stood out as the UK’s best value and most flexible honeymoon fund provider, with other online providers charging transaction fees of up to 3.6 per cent. With its one-off sign-up fee and the option to add gifts to the same list too, Prezola was the best of both worlds.

Brooke tells us about her wedding gift list experience.

brooke-cleave-wedding-2Real Cotswold bride Brooke Smith used the gift list provider Prezola. Photograph by Angie Dakos

What were you looking for in your wedding gift list provider?
We wanted to have a mix of presents available for our guests – traditional options, but because of work we’re doing on our home and the cost of a honeymoon, we also wanted financial contributions alongside these. I was recommended Prezola by a friend who’d used the service - you can add gifts and create experiences, such a ‘romantic dinner’ or ‘flight upgrade’, so it doesn’t feel as impersonal as just handing over a cheque. They’re gifting you an experience. You pay £39 for the upgraded account, but then Prezola transfer directly to your bank account with no transaction fee for you or your guests – there were no other fees.

Did you consider anyone else?
Only John Lewis, initially, but they don’t offer the range of options that Prezola do. We saw that Prezola had won an award for being the best gift list, which gave us full confidence that it was the choice for us.

Did many of your guests use the list?
We did have a few people that brought along gifts on the day – about 10 gifts in person – but everyone else had used the list. There was actually someone who had bought one off the list but wanted to bring one on the day as well! The things they get you aren’t necessarily in your style… which is why a gift list is preferable.

Did you discover anything on the journey you hadn’t considered?
My friend, who also used Prezola, didn’t realise she could do all of the honeymoon gifts – she had set up her honeymoon donation fund on another website. The fact that you can do it all in one place – gifts from its expansive lists or honeymoon donations – and it’s included in the one-off fee, made it a much easier process for us and our guests. I think our friend was kicking herself that she hadn’t done the same!

Would you recommend Prezola?
Yes - they’re really good. Before our honeymoon I contacted them, and mentioned that we had the honeymoon fund – the lady said we could have it before the wedding, and that any additional donations made would then be made on the scheduled date. It was fantastic that we could use the money donated on the honeymoon, rather than reimburse it post-holiday.

What was you favourite gift?
We chose things that we would never consider spending such large amounts on, beautiful staple items. A favourite was a 200 thread count Egyptian king size duvet cover by The White Company that cost £55.


Brooke also recieved these £12.95 Nkuku frames

Do you have any top tips for couples planning their gift lists?
Put a few more expensive items on your list. People were far more generous than we expected. I put higher end things on there on advice from a friend, and family members did splash out.